Deposit - agency says it's not their responsibility

Hello everybody,

I hope somebody can advice me on this.
I’ve rented a property in Paris for 8 months trough an agency and as expected I had to pay a 2 months deposit. Now it’s been 1 month since i have ended my lease, but when I contacted the agency to know is everything is alright with the condition of the apartment in order to get my deposit back, they informed me that it’s not anymore their responsibility since the Landlord has removed the property from their agency listing. They only gave me his email. I asked why I was not notices by them about this and they got defensive saying it should have been the landlord to notice me and that they cannot do anything.

Is this even legal? Why am I even paying for an agency fee if this is the service I get? How should I move now? Thanks for anybody willing to help me, I’m desperate

Contact your nearest Anil

Sadly problems with deposits are all too common. Then other thing you can do is send a registered letter to the owner of the property