Depression in cats....what to do?

Ginger is a big orange boy and he is admired by most people.

But he seems to suffer from depression.

You can see it in his expressions and the way he walks away in

rejection of embrase.....when he usually adores being cuddled and fussed


He sat out in the rain yesterday looking through one of the windows and

refused to come in.

He is part of the family of five and is Uncle maybe that is

where the problem begins as he may not be the father of the youngsters.

Whereas Grizzle clearly is.

Timmy looks like Grandpa Ginger and may have been in the cat army

or air force....he has that sort of look about him.

Ginger seems a lot better and is purry again.

He stole Grizzles day I can see that the friction

between them still lingers.

The girls snuggled up with me last night as I watched TV...
that is a sure sign of the change of seasons and how loving cats are.

Lol. He looks seriously unimpressed - and I don't blame him.

DO NOT try this at home!!!

Hi Barbara, you did say that Ginger has "rejection of embrase.....when he usually adores being cuddled and fussed over." So it could still be something worth checking out.

To help a little -

Signs of Depression in Cats
Changes in behaviour are red flags for depression or illness in cats. If a formerly friendly cat begins to hide, a calm cat becomes aggressive, an active cat grows lethargic, or an independent cat becomes clingy, there is probably a medical or psychological problem. Changes in vocalisation (the cat becomes more or less talkative than usual) and urinating or defecating outside the litter box are also warning signs for illness, depression, or anxiety.
Other symptoms of depression in cats are very similar to those found in people, including:
Loss of appetite
Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
Becoming socially withdrawn
Sleeping more than usual
Because many signs of depression in cats can also be illness symptoms, take your cat in for a veterinary checkup before assuming that the problem is psychological.

There are also natural products available to help your cat cope with stressful situations, such as Zyklene.

Lynn he looks well.

But it is his nature ....or should I say his temperment.

He is moody and likes to be top cat.

They have all been attended to but Ginger still chases


You know they are almost human.....just look different and speak stange things too.

Hi Barbara,

If you see any change in the behaviour of your cat there could be something more sinister going on. Get him to the vet for a quick check and to put your mind at ease before thinking of anything else.

If he is stressed by others there are many things you can do but get him checked over by the vet first.

I also have always bathed my cats and dogs, I have one of each now Merlin (cat)who is 10y ears and Giggie (dog)who is almost 6 years. which I try and do on a nice sunny day, which we have lots. however there has been time when I had to do it late at night when the cat come home covered in sh*t, or the dog had the runs. They are both boys, and yes will be boys. we call them the boys.

I left them at our home 3 weeks ago, with a friend staying for a week, and they play her up no end, but were all hugs and kisses when I got home. she phoned me to say why are they meowing and barking at me.

poor Ginger I hope he does feel much better with himself soon, its hard if they don´t want hugs. x

ah good.

18 is a ripe old age.

Maybe Ginger is purring for his human dad but not for mum...possibly he did not

like being cat shampooed yesterday...he smells nice and it only took a min but he may

be taking it all the woOng way.

Boys will be boys.

Barbara, it must be a worry for you. and a shock last night with the feral cat charging in like that. I am sure Maureen with help with Ginger. One of my cats, I had years ago, had arthritis it started when she was about 6, she had a great life and lived until she was to 18 years old.

Well Ginger is mighty sensative.

We have been seeing rather a lot of a ferile cat recently and there seemed to be a

crazy chasing thing going on last night when the ferile charged through the cat flap and

storming behind him was one or 2 of our gang.

All happened so fast but was very dramatic.

Well our friend Maureen will be here in a month and she helps run a cattery just

outside Bath....was a vetinary nurse...she will have a word with Ginger.

They are all off to the vets in a week or so for their yearly jabs I will check out

other aspects of health with her.

Hello I am sorry to hear about Uncle Ginger´s suffering from depression, which you can see in his walking have you considered he maybe be suffering from arthritis which is giving him depression. its just a thought. hugs x

Arh Barbara - poor Big Ginger.. I haven't got any answers but I know from my cats that if something changes or something new comes into the house that takes away from them, they can get 'huffy'... like when you've been away on holiday and even though they have been taken care of in their own home, they can still give you a hard time when you come back... has Big Ginger got any reason to feel as though he's been pushed out, or lost his pecking order ... poor guy :-(