Derek Hatton rejoins Labour the day after seven moderates resign. Is this yet another sign of the extreme left controlling Labour?

Derek Hatton, the extreme Labour ex leader of Liverpool City Council rejoins the party after being thrown out and an absence of more than thirty years.
Is Jeremy Corbyn giving the finger to the seven moderates who have decided that they can no longer tolerate his leadership on many fronts?

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Found the timing of the announcement a bit odd as I saw an interview with Hatton last year when he said he had already re-joined, clearly either he was telling porkies or Labour are using this news to deflect attention away from yesterday’s resignations.

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I hope so. It would be nice to see a true socialist party instead of the blue Blairites. Murdoch threw his empire behind Blair but i think the allegation that his second wife and Tony Blair were close has probably soured Murdoch against Labour forever and indirectly caused Brexit. As usual it always comes down to sex.


He immediately attacked those who left, nasty piece of work thirty-four years ago and clearly remains a nasty piece of work today. If there is any justice this one act will do more than anything to turn moderates away from labour.


I think Hatton will definitely do more harm than good . But I’m at the point now where i just want something, almost anything to happen to kick start some real debate around British politics .

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It certainly shows where Corbyn’s sympathies lie.

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In what regard is Hatton extreme Left? Honest question.

I keep on reading the words extreme left and hard left in relation to Jeremy Corbyn. The labour manifesto consists of policies that would be considered moderately socialist in the rest of Europe.

But then of course we have Brexit which is why I can’t support the current Labour policy.

Ps maybe drifting slightly off topic, my apologies, I am not familiar with Hatton.


Paul - I can only assume that you were a glint in your father’s eye 30 years ago.

This ‘being’ was the mouthpiece of Militant Tendancy and Deputy Leader of Liverpool City Council. Look him up - there is plenty out there about how he managed to bankrupt the city and was expelled from the Labour Party because his views were too extreme.

You really wouldnt want to be Marijke. I grew up during his ‘reign’ and it was not a pretty sight.

I think you could equate his version of ‘Left’ as being somewhat left of Melanchon…

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Thanks Carl I remember it vaguely, but what were the extreme views that he held?

This is from The Guardian -

And this from our old friend Wiki…

It might all seem a little ‘twee’ today, but it must be remembered that we were in the middle of the Cold War when this was kicking off and the policies spouted by Militant during the 1960’s and early 70’s were dangerously close to revolution for a Marxist state.

Ok ta .

Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about him, really bad news letting him have some rope again !!

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Reading the Wiki article in full it is clear just how history repeats itself.

There are many parallels between the actions of Militant and Momentum - very close parallels!!!

He was a vocal supporter of Militant back in the day and opposed their expulsion from the Party.

John Mc Donald is a Marxist, Corbyn is extreme left, see his support for Modura.
There is no place for such extremism in British politics.
They are more than socialists.


There are those who say his consistency is his strength.

Personally I think it shows that he is an unrepentant and unreconstructed twat, rather than merely a twat.

As the Guardian piece mentions Hatton is a twat as well. In fact he is the twat’s twat and an utter hypocrite to boot who, having fucked Liverpool, lost no time in lining his own pockets and disappearing abroad.

Peoples’ biggest fear seems to be that there might actually be (finally FFS) a Socialist running Labour.
Hatton may have been a lot of things, but Blair was just a “red tie Tory” & just as bad…from a Socialist point of view, that is.
Just my opinion