Derelict car Not working removal

No I studied in the U.K but I am sure a lot of the principles are the same. Its a very small community here and I am certain the Maire know what this person did which is why he may be willing to help.

Not if you stay on public land and just push the car onto his property.

No ,not at all ,apart from the obvious crimes

Thats a bit difficult as he has taken the wheels off and its up on blocks.

Sorry Stella, you are still not getting it. Do not be sad. You seem to imply with the phrase “it is no defence” that there will be a “ce contre quoi” some defence will be required. In France, in this situation, there will be nothing. The registered owner of the car will be the only person involved with any relevant authorities, if indeed they deign to do anything.

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Lack of wheels no bar to getting it on a trailer with a winch. Otherwise you are saying it can’t physically be removed from your property - which I doubt.

Totally different law here in France, never ever assume it is the same. The code civil is what you need to swot.

Sage advice - France has its own legal traditions little to do with the UK’s.

UK law and French law can be quite similar, though, when both derive from EU law.

Ha ha - Paul - I am not sad, but I do get a teeny bit cross when folk imply that it is OK to deliberately break the law, here in France (or anywhere else for that matter).



Hi Monica
Get yourself one of these, as seen on Emmmerdale. Park it on the public highway, and pop what’s left of the car over their wall/fence.
Then “You” have not trespassed onto their property! :wink:

Good luck, I hope you manage to get it sorted out soon x

Of course it can be moved. It will go back to him if its the last thing I ever do, problem is I would prefer not to have to pay for its removal as the guy is as poor as a church mouse so I will never get my money back.

His car, my property, his problem as I see it.

In a country where farmers can dump tons of manure in front of the ministry of agriculture parking a car in front of the door of its registered owner breaks no law.

You obviously do not understand sufficiently that of which you speak.


Rien à voir. And in any case why should Monica pay to have his scrapheap moved, especially since she knows she won’t be reimbursed.

I’m fairly local to you, and might know someone who would come and cut it up and take it away for the 500 Euros, no questions asked , if that helped ?.

Hi Tony,
At the moment the Mayor of our village is trying to sort it out. Its a very kind offer but if I have to pay for it I want it dumped back with its owner. Sort of rough justice.

If the Mayor can not sort it out and I do have to pay out of my own pocket that is the result I want, not make it effortless for the owner.

, advertise it free for scrap, someone will take it away, the gypses will sell it for scrap, the mairies have little power and normally not interested in anything.

This thread has raised a number of suggestions which are totally illegal.

Folk are glibly giving bad advice and suggesting that Monica will not be taken to task if she follows such rubbish suggestions.

It might be as well to remember that having a clean-sheet from the Gendarmes will be one of the essentials for staying in France.

just saying… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Hi Stella,
The voice of reason. I have absolutely no intention of doing anything illegal. People here have the measure of the guy who’s car it is, this includes the local police who told the notaire when he saw them on my behalf about said car, that this man was not a good man.

He has tried to have over several people in our small community and as its so small the Maire will also be very aware of what he is like so at the moment I am putting my trust in him.


It is difficult to know what to do for the best. As a garagiste I accumulate a few old cars every now & again when they are towed in & are uneconomical to repair. I do not mind if I am asked to dispose of them but I do need the carte grise to do so. One such customer left a car here for over 2 years having promised to let me have the CG. The owner will be surprised to see it now on his unfenced land opposite his house!