Dermatologist question

If you need to see a dermatologist, do you have to go via your GP or can you make an appointment directly like you do with a gynae?


Deffo via medecin says someone who has regular multiple visits to the local dermo hospital wing with different children!

Terry and Tracy, not really sure what it's going to be as my medecin couldn't do it (after being told she could to begin with) I've got to go off to one of those "agréé" medecin, as for the permis - I kept the hgv class via the medical which wasn't have you got two arms and two legs, he made me do all sorts of weird and wonderful things...! Funny thing is neither of us smoke Terry, nor do the current owners, it's more to do with being fit enough to spend 12 hours a day 6.5 days a week on your feet, as well as all the normal stuff. Buralistes sign a contract for 3 years with the douanes which is renewed every three years at which point you also have to renew the medical - we're in France, nuff said ;-)

I've also had 2 medicals recently - the first one to renew my Permis D - transport en commune' fair enough, then the second one 3 months later to drive my own 7 seater car with paying clients in it! Exactly the same medical - although could not be done my my own medecin, had to an approved one. It's a joke, I was fit enough to drive 55 passengers on a great big bus then had to be re-approved for a small car!

And I tell you what, I could still drop down dead tomorrow as it wasn't even as thorough as my Medecin du Travail visit, which is pretty basic to start with.

Do you have to certify that you smoke 20 a day to qualify?? :-))

ah, my doctor obviously wanted my business, he said I wouldn't be reimbursed if I went direct and to see him first as I needed his ordonnance for the usual 70%. France eh, you clock up 2 visits both of which are reimbursed instead of one direct (which is but at a lower rate), that's pushing people into bigger bills for the secu just when they're desperately trying to reduce the deficite...!

anyway, off to my medecin now for a certificat medical saying I'm fit enough to flog fags - all part of the dossier for the douanes...!

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Hi Catharine. The normal procedure is to go through your medecin traitant if you want the secu to pay up. However, the rules specifically say you can make appointments directly with a gynaecologist, an ophthalmologist, a psychiatrist or neuropsychiatrist (if you are between 16 and 25 years old) and a stomatologist without going through your GP. So dermatology don't count if you want to be refunded. But so far as I understand it, once you have seen a specialist not covered by the exceptions (cardiologist for example) you can make another appointment without seeing your GP and the secu will pay as normal. But as Andrew says, nothing to stop you making an appointment directly if you don't mind footing the bill.

If you make the appointment through the MT, you are reimbursed 70%, you can make the appointment yourself but will only be reimbursed 40% so quite expensive. I have to go every year for check ups though and can make the appointment myself as it is follow up treatment and reimbursed at 70%.

Hi Catharine, I was told that it's better to go via your medecin traitant so that the consultation with the dermatologue is paid for. Something to do with consultations direct not being paid for by the secu but things may have changed. I think the idea is that everyone is meant to go through their medecin traitant to then be refered for whatever treatment (except gynécologue). Nothing stops you going direct though - you could ask the dermatologue if it's reimboursed when making the appointment ;-)