Descent into chaos

The computer crashed, I have a bad eye infection, so I am lying in the dark, squinting at the news in the UK with bewilderment. Whatever next? What is everyone else doing ? Where’s the best place for cheap computers and clothes?

China, probably :frowning:


But that’s a few miles away.

Local charity shop and recycle/exchange scheme…

Dare I suggest, heart in mouth, that limitlessly bountiful emporium in the sky, Amazon. In all my years of use, I have never been seriously let down.

But thoroughly read the revues of whatever catches your eye, 'cos nothings perfect.

Reading the reviews has become such a painful process. Yes it is necessary but then you need to weed out the ones that people were paid write (very long is usually a give away) or those possibly posted by disgruntled competitors. The whole thing is a minefield!

You can buy a cheap computer on ebay and to be sure it works well, load it with Linux (open Source Software and updated frequently) Linux does not require as much memory as Windows 10!
Cheap decent clothes you can also find at the vide greniers!


Someone clever will write an extension that identifies and excludes the reviews written by all single-item reviewers, I can usually (I believe) spot them, but it’s tedious and I’ve started to reject items where there are any obviously fake reviews - because if you need a ake review, your product must be rubbish.

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If you want to make Jeff Bezos even richer go ahead. But there are other ways to get equipment/clothes that are more sustainable. Cat put me on to this website, which is limited in out area but still has had a gem or two. There is of course also leboncoin

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We have no open chattery shops within range at the moment and the recycle place is small and low on suitable stock right now :slightly_smiling_face: but good thoughts, thanks.

Amazon are usually my fallback but right now amazon are being woeful. I am limited to cotton because of allergy and it seems that everything I like, they are out of stock in my size! I am also on strict budget which limits my choices.

Donnons is good, nothing suitable at the moment though. They have the most random things on there that it is an entertainment to scroll through sometimes.

I don’t know if anyone local is running vide Grenier’s or vide maisons in the circumstances, I should look. I will check eBay as well. or put vide grenier in your search engine and they will show you all vide maison or vide grenier in all areas of France!

Thanks, we have a local vide Grenier’s website as well but I expected them to still be on hold, it would be the perfect idea if there are any.

Often you have to check on several sites, because some do not show up on every side! Vide Greniers folks put their masks on and keep going!

As you say, check several sites. Sadly nothing within reach, a number of cancellations. I am without a car still so limited. I will keep looking.

They do deliver!

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There’s a website, , which analyses Amazon reviews and rates how genuine they are, simply copy and paste the Amazon entry and it will give you a detailed critique of the reviews. I don’t buy without consulting it.


Very useful.
I do buy from Amazon when they have anything affordable in my size.
Sometimes fake reviews can be spotted, a whole row of short, badly spelled 5 star reviews claiming that a product is ‘great’