Design Outsourcing-destroying the industry? or the way forward for all in the digital age?

Just Google 'Design Competitions' and you will discover hundreds of On-line networks, offering quality design at knock down prices. Geared mainly for the graphic industries, such sites have mushroomed in recent years.

Most sites boast 2O even Fifty thousand designers from around the world on their books, scores even hundreds of whom, enter competitions posted by companies or individuals on a fixed fee basis. Prizes for the successful designers range from a 100 to several hundred Dollars, sometimes with the promise of further work.

I have my own views on this topic, any thoughts?

Or have you ever entered such a competition? Or perhaps contemplated specifying or commissioning such work for logos, brochures, icons or web-design? There are even sites which offer pre-designed logos where you can amend the text, pay a fee, and download. I can sense Neil quaking in his boots...

Any comments?