Design/text suggestions for a Facebook banner image

I’m updating the banner image which is used above our Facebook group pages, they are intended to encourage people to sign up with us here on the main site.

What I need is some inviting text snippets to include

First draft looks like this

For visual reference, they go at the top of the Facebook pages like this one where we currently have the three colour bars with the logo

Ignore typos, colour, kerning, layout etc, just need good copy :slight_smile:

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Yep - it pretty much says what it is James. Not sure about the ‘Live Life and Love It’ strapline though. Maybe something along the lines of ‘Making the Most of French Living’ , ’ Getting the Most from French Life’, ‘France… but even Better!’ - sort of thing…

I’d try and focus on benefits instead of using negative words like ‘lose’

In case you miss it - there’s one too many ‘are’s’ in the second last line

Sell the Sizzle not the Sausage !!!


Good suggestions, cheers!

Great description of what the forum is and does. I agree with Simon about the strap line, too many Ls for me but the sentiment is right. Having either France or French in the strap line is a great idea.


I know that they are not case sensitive and my opinion is subjective but I much prefer seeing the web address written in lower case not capital letters.
Having the Dutch flag on the old page is odd too.

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What do you think about the text?

I prefer Simon’s Making the most of French Living to Live Life and Love it. The rest does the job but I find the repetition of start a bit clumsy and would probably change the second one to read, for example, join discussions.

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I like Simon’s suggestion of Making the most of. Otherwise switch yours round a bit to Love Life and Live It / Love France - Live It / Love Life in France.

From a personal viewpoint, it’s also a little wordy for me - I wouldn’t read all that (plus bureaucracy’s misspelled). There are two ‘starts’ for example. I’d be tempted to shorten it to (ish - as it’s only a suggestion)

France’s busiest forum for the English speaking community.
Tips and advice on red tape, money matters & more
1000s of topics or start your own
Make friends, chat, share experiences and find answers.
Fast & free etc.


I’ve reduced the text a lot, I agree, it was too wordy and may have fallen foul of Facebook’s guidelines on that type of image.

What do you think of this?



The latest version is striking and to the point. People don’t seem to want to read too many words at one sitting nowadays. A pedant would suggest a hyphen between English and speaking. “English speaking community” lierally means English people who speak – a pretty broad target audience!

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Yes, The second version is much more eye-catching and easy to read. You could add the “make the most out of living in France” idea above or below "France’s busiest… " if it doesn’t make it look too cluttered and it fits in above the skyline.

Agree. It should be “English-speaking”

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Yep - like it James but…not sure about the photo. I know the Eiffel Tower & Paris are iconic but it looks a bit ‘corporate-cold’ (for want of a better word!). That said - I can’t think of anything better right now but will have a go :slight_smile:

Edit - just had a thought take a look at The Good Life France on FB - they have some great pics (not sure about copyright though)


I thought that Simon, but stuck for an alternative too :thinking:
Beret, fag, Baguette, Bike :roll_eyes:


Something like this maybe? Not sure where I got it from though so no idea about copyright.


EDIT: It’s by Elliot Erwitt


Purfickt, 'cept, no droopy fag, give the wee fella one :joy:

I agree the image is a bit hackneyed/generic. I like yours Mandy but as you mention there are copyright issues. If anyone cares to take a look at

I can use any image from there and there are some beauties. :slight_smile:

Great choice of pics- nightmare to choose! I was thinking café, bistro, restaurant, cheese and wine, boulangerie, patisserie, onions, frogs legs, snails (generic ‘national’ things) - bloody starving after looking at all the pics so will come back to it ! :slight_smile: