Desperate to find a dentist near Saint Lô

My 10 yr old daughter has inherited the terrible teeth from both sides of our families and has had teeth troubles for the last couple of years. Because we have been unable to get on the books of any of the local dentists, she has been to the emergency dentist a couple of times: the last time she went (last year) he seemed to think her teeth were ok and to just wait for the rotten tooth she had then to fall out. Since then she’s had pain in other teeth but it looks like we are back at the emergency dentist tomorrow morning because she is in such pain tonight and her whole face is swollen.

I really am so cross that she has had to go through this, simply because not a single dentist near us is taking on new patients. When I asked the nearest dentist what I should do, she just said, it’s a problem for everyone… Added to this is the fact that I am completely terrified of dentists, and have lots of problems with my own teeth.

Can anyone please advise me what I can do? None of us have seen a dentist for nearly five years now. We have 100% cover on our carte vitale - does this cover dentist fees? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.