Desperately Seeking Home for Polly

Hello, our Association, Les Pattes de Velours has been looking after this little cat since the end of May.We think she is around 18 months old.

She was seeking refuge in the garden of an old lady in our village after her young kittens were savaged and killed by a gang of feral toms.

When we were called in, she was terrified and ill with milk fever. For weeks she wouldn’t even lift her head.

Now she is regaining her confidence and is interacting with other cats. She is still a little timid with people she doesn’t know, but once she is satisfied you are not going to hurt her she loves to be cuddled and has the loudest purr.

We have previous appealed for a home for her and a couple came forward but they asked that we kept her until after their holiday. After 5 weeks and many unanswered emails they said they didn’t want her any more.

So, poor Polly is still with us.

The really galling thing is that we have found homes for 3 other cats in preference to her when we thought she had a home to go to.

She is sterilised and tattooed, and a really cuddly sweet little cat.

I must find a home for her by 17th September as we are away for a month.

Please if anyone can offer her a home, I, and Polly, would be so grateful.

I am northern Deux Sevres near the Maine et Loire border but I am willing to travel if necessary.

Please contact me …