Desperatly need Student room in Mont de Marsan

Au Secours.
Desperately looking for a student room in Mont de Marsan. We are scouring le boncoin already plus other sites but if anyone knows of a room chez someone from Sept to May please let us know . It's for a quiet 22 year old in his last year of his course. Mon to Friday required plus some weekends but not all. Will pay up to 300€ per month he can cook and has his own car. Let down by current landlady who d has announced she doesn't want to rent to people who have to have CAF forms any more !! Pulling hair out as it's now the end of August.

Hi Claire, sorry I don't live locally. You've probably scoured everywhere already but just in case have you seen this page - there are a couple centre town within budget (although obviously it doesn't state conditions re Caf etc)

And these are actually specifically student orientated so I should imagine quite a few rely on Caf.

Thank you Valerie. I will check those , more fun for my day.

We are going to see two this evening.

You're very welcome. Crossing fingers for this evening.

Good news , we saw two very nice rooms in people's houses last night and today he has chosen which one he wants. Both were very nice but different lifestyles One very much independent one more familiale. I can now breathe again. Phew.

Great news, Claire - and what a relief for the pair of you. So happy you found something because I was wondering how you were getting on. I'm happy now.