Diagnostic reports

hi, i am thinking of sellng my property, i purchased it almost two years ago, Do i have to have the diagnostic reports done again, as they are all still valid, but obviously not done in myname but the seller of the property i purchased…i am getting conflicting info on this from estate agents and even the notaire !

Hi there…

It was some years ago… but we bought and sold a property within a couple of years… It was a house with garage with petrol pumps (long gone) and underground petrol tanks. The person selling to us had had the empty tanks “dealt with” by whatever means…(made legal and safe) and we had the certificate to say so… her name was on on the document, but the site was properly identified.

Phew… when we subsequently sold, our Notaire decided that the “certificate” or whatever was still good… and no need to get redone…

Personally, I would take the advice of a Notaire over that of an Estate Agent… but that is just me…

So, no idea what your Notaire is saying… ask his advice and follow it…is what I would suggest. (t may well depend on how long it takes to sell the property… as most Diagnostics have a “shelf-life”) :wink:

Asbestos No time limit if assessment was negative

DPE (Energy eficiency) : 10 years

Loi Carrez (living area calculation) : no limit as far if no major building work in the meantime

Wiring assessment : 3 years

Lead (CREP) : 1 year if positive, no limit if negative

Nature and Technology hazards : 6 months

Gas piping assessment : 3 years

Termites : 6 months

Loi Carrez is only applicable to apartments.

6 Years for DPE…unless you have undertaken major insulation work then I would do it again to boost your chances of selling.

You forgot the ‘Diagnostic ERNMT’ which needs to have been carried out 3 years before the signing of the Compromis de vente.

I am sorry but DPE is 10 Years unless … as you wrote. And ERNT is what I called Energy efficiency.

That’s surprising, I wonder why.

Apartments are more likely to be valued precisely by their sq meters than houses. In Paris a ball point figure per sq metre is 10k euros. If you buy a 50 sq metre flat at 500000 euros and you later find out it is only 46 Square metres your flat has just gone down by 40000 euros. To avoid conflict they have to be measured by a professional.

In my PAP book it says the energy diagnostic is every 6 years. On their website it is 10 years. On the Notaire site it is 10 years. It must have changed ???.

Bit silly every ten years to be fair. I think it should be max six years.

Location counts for nothing when buying apartments in Paris? That surprises me.

Yes and no.

The decent flats (the ones you can live a life in) in a not so good location will be priced relatively the same as a terrible flat in a good location. If that makes sense :thinking: That is your choice basically.