Diane James quits as leader of UKIP after 18 days

Diane James quits as leader of UKIP after 18 days and Farage is back at the helm of this comedy ship as interim leader.

What a bloody farce UK politics is at the moment!

What do you think of that?

That was enought to make anyone resign… ughhhhh



I just saw a trailer for “Have I Got News for You” with Paul Merton as a fortune teller and Ian Hislop as his client, doubting the predictions from the crystal ball as Merton described recent events. I have seen all sorts of political meanderings over the last six decades, but this is quite incredible. Cameron and Osborne have disappeared, the Labour party is in turmoil and may never again act as a strong opposition, let alone govern. Meanwhile UKIP can accept no leader other than Farage, but somehow managed to get their policies accepted without winning more than one seat, and that by a resentful Tory. You could not make it up, we could not have predicted any of it, but it is rather exciting. Only in Britain could a revolution commence with such political confusion. I bet Mme May won’t call an election in the near future, the risk of UKIP winning seats and becoming her official opposition is increasing by the day!


Got it!

I think he’d had kippers for breakfast…


Steven Woolfe, potential successor to Diane James collapses after being punched - condition said to be life threatening.

Perhaps as Steven Woolfe is experiencing the french health service first hand, he might just modify his view about the value (not) of brexit…

Hope he had his EHIC with him…

Lets face it, UKIP is Farage, people did not vote for their local MP because they like the MP, they voted because they liked Farage, thus any successor to him will never create the same attraction, they only way to go now is to merge with the BNP, at least that way, the general behavior of the party will be seen as a refreshing change from your normal hard right instead of the disgusting racist abomination of the center right.