Did Bojo just get his cards marked today?

Biden, as is the tradition, hit the phones today and after Trudau he called Europe; Bojo, Merkel, Macron and Martin. Not necessarily in that order. :slightly_smiling_face:

Even though Biden’s team will not confirm the order of the calls, it appears Number Ten is claiming that Bojo got the first. Whether he did or not, it looks to me as if Bojo and his team are trying to spin it as a positive call, rather than a wake up call.

I suspect the reason Biden called Martin, the Irish PM, on the same day as he phoned the majors was to show Bojo that messing with the Good Friday agreement (as Biden and the recently reelected Nancy Pelosi have already stated) would scupper any chances of a US trade deal.

The European parliament has also stated that if Westminster passes the internal market bill, as is, they will not ratify any trade deal that poor old Barnier manages to drag out of Frost.

Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, the Lords have bounced the Bill, but Bojo says he’s going ahead with the unamended bill.

So, at current course and speed, Bojo will alianate Biden, the EU, the Lords, the citizens who voted remain and the citizens that voted leave but with a “frictionless” trade agreement. The good news is the ERG will love him, until the don’t.

This is lunacy.


Sure, he’s had his cards marked. Biden is only of normal intelligence, but he’s all over Doris. We cant get “leaving” back, but we could still get a decent deal, with a decent person at the top. Oh shit.

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I agree, it’s the spin out of Number Ten that gets me. That photo of Bojo on the phone smiling as Biden lays down the law. Do you think Bojo gets it? IDS looked very shifty when interrogated, sorry, interviewed by CH4.

And bang goes our exchange rate which has been tortuously dragging its heels back uphill for the last week or so. I am hanging by my fingertips, paused to pounce. Is it it pounce time now, at 1.12 d’you think? :roll_eyes:

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I would think so. I expect if it does all go the wrong way, no deal and a hard brexit then parity will be on the horizon next year. To think I complained about 1.41 when we bought our house in 2007!

Too late! dropped down to 1.11