Did you ever run away from home?

(stella wood) #1

This brought a smile… I ran away, aged 11… my little brother (8) insisted on going with me… but we didn’t get far before we were both too hot, thirsty and famished… the crunch came when he wanted me to carry him 'cos his feet ached… :upside_down_face::hugs:

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(Chris Kite) #2

Aged about 10 and unhappy at our respective homes, 3 of us made a break for it. Can’t remember what we took with us other than clothes and I don’t suppose we had much money between us either. Doomed to failure when we realised we hadn’t a clue what we were going to do…

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(stella wood) #3

I acted “off the cuff”… no food, drink, nuff-ink … :zipper_mouth_face:

(which is possibly why I now take my “bag of a thousand things” almost every where with me… )

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(Chris Kite) #4

You’re not alone. I reckon if asked, OH would have a club hammer in her bag if I needed one…feels like it anyway.

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(stella wood) #5

Here in France… I am not mocked (good naturedly) quite so much as I used to be in UK…

At le Mans Classic … I produced a ball of twine… which saved the day… and kept us on the track…

at Montpelier I produced a piece of a metal coat hangar… which saved us, yet again…

Our daughter reckons I am related to Mary Poppins… :hugs::hugs:

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(Chris Kite) #6


(Teresa Shipley) #7

Yes. I got to the 2nd lamppost before I was dragged back home😁

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(Timothy Cole) #8

Ran away from primary school after a bust-up with the headmaster.

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(stella wood) #9

:sweat_smile::relaxed::upside_down_face: Ah… so you’ve always a little feisty… eh… :thinking:


(Timothy Cole) #10

Fraid so Stella, juvenile court at 13, expelled from secondary school at 15, conviction for GBH at 19, I always followed my father’s advice (ex merchant navy), hit first ask questions after. It’s amazing I’ve turned out so well.:grinning:


(Peter Bird) #11

I did for about ten minutes before I realised it was teatime.

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(Nellie Moss ) #12

My nephew did and his lovely little sister helped him pack
He only got to the corner of the next close when he turned round

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(Jane Williamson) #13

No, but I ran away from hospital when I realised that they were not going to let me go home for my birthday.
I just needed to get a bit further down the A6 and I would have gone home over the marshes.
Unfortunately, the police found me first.


(John Withall) #14

Still running :rofl:

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(Valerie Joy) #15

When I was 7 I was due to go to the dentist for a filling.i ran away and thought I had been gone for hours but when I came back my mum,nanna and auntie were still sitting chatting and drinking tea and they hadn’t even realised I had gone|:-(

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(Valerie Joy) #16

I frequently ran away from boarding school. Mostly I just went t o the beach to watch the waves but one time my friend and I snuck out and met a couple of boys (my friend was seeing one of them, a deejay on a pirate radio station) but they drove us back to school after hearing an appeal to find us on the radio.

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(Valerie Joy) #17

I do remember going into a nightclub in my 20s when they frisked you and searched your bag and was embarrassed to have forgotten to remove my roll of spanners and screwdrivers!

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(stella wood) #18

Ha ha… I wonder what they thought, seeing that lot… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


(Teresa Shipley) #19

I hated travelling with my mum. She was a midwife and always seemed to be searched resulting in suppositories, sterets and ky jelly being removed from her bag along with everything else. She worked permanent nights and was so tired she would just empty her pockets into her bag when she returned home.

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