Diesel fuel injection engineer wanted near Chalus

Have a fault code on a Volvo V50 2005 need someone to reset it.

Hi Anthony,
Which fault code is it throwing? It may be a sign that something needs attention…:wink:

Hi thank you for your reply. It’s my mates car a Volvo and my code reader is for Peugeot/ Citroen only. If you remove the electric connectors from the top of 2&3 there is no effect but stalls on 1 or 4. It has had this problem before but can’t clear the code with my reader.

I see, I think. The implication is that there may be diesel injector failure, or that when the engine dies it is because the disconnected injector has a reference role for the ECU. Disconnecting an injector will definitely throw a fault code.
Disconnecting the battery for a while may clear any code and reset the EML, assuming that it is on.
Whereabouts is Chauls?

Hi Martin, thanks once again. Chalus is 87230 it is about half an hour southeast of Limoges.

Will try disconnecting the battery.

So much easier when the spelling is correct. :slight_smile: A place that every Englishman should know.

Very much so David, the place where The Lion Heart had a bad day at the office. It’s just been put on the market if anyone is interested.

If I win the lottery tonight… perhaps… :relaxed: I’ve been up that tower… lovely view… on top of the world… :open_mouth::relaxed::relaxed:

‘IF’ is a big word Stella…

I’ve just mentioned this to OH… he looked a little aghast… he hates heights :upside_down_face:

There are some lovely chateaux for sale in the area, ten times better than Chalus for the same price…

I suspect the historical connection is what might give this one the edge over some of the others…

Love the chateau and its historical connections; I’ll have to wait until the Premium Bonds come up before a viewing though :wink:

Back to Anthony’s mate’s problem: Has he tried cleaning the MAF? An inspection of the wiring around the MAF connector may be worthwhile. This is a known issue with the V50, the wiring is prone to fraying and shorting or breaking, the MAF signal then becomes out of expected range for the engines state.
If you have no joy finding a local diesel technician, ( surely loads in Limoges?) and want to try checking yourself, the VOLVO forum at www.volvoforums.org.uk might be good starting point. They may even have a method for reading the actual error code numbers without an OBD connection. That often entails holding down the trip button whilst you turn the ignition to “On” then counting light flashes, or reading the number in the trip meter.
Sorry I can’t help you any further.