Digging out this floor today

Going to dig this floor out in a minute and prepare it for a new slab to be poured tomorrow.

Yes, I'm very interested, please do!



We use a spray on coating (OH was in the concrete business for decades) that is used to protect industrial floors. Have recently finished the bedroom floor using slabs that he had designed for a château dining hall. Looks great and the seal is rock solid - you do have to make sure that the surface is completely clean prior to spraying (just used a standard pump action spray). I have also used the same stuff watered down (50/50) to seal a wall that would not stop producing salt petre - worked brilliantly. OH is out at the moment but will try to dig out the product details if they will be of use.

That will get polished soon and then treated with a resin probably

It looks like a floor. What's the next step then? Painting it or...?

Nice one Cyril - well done, looks good

New slab poured, very pleased with progress!

Thanks, I hope so!

Looking good - tomorrow will be easier!

That was a long day! All ready for pouring tomorrow though.

It doesn't show the dirt either :)

If your concrete is decent then quite possibly cheaper than tiling. It's easy to maintain if it's treated properly, basically against staining. Not all hire places have the stuff though.

You've got to do that in one day .....good luck

is polished concrete cheaper than tiling? And is it easy to maintain?

It's poor quality uneven concrete, I want to insulate beneath it too and the new concrete will be polished so it needs to be level. Also fitting a new door so need a flat surface.

Why are you digging it out? Is it to insulate or damp proof or level? Our next project is probably going to need a lot of all 3....