Disability Payments Turnaround

(Gina Hams) #1


This link gives information for anyone who had the decision changed about their Disability Payments because they moved abroad.

If this happened to you check out the link above. I have to thank George Nardell for bringing this to my attention as it is very relevent to my husbands DLA Pension. Thanks George.

The site tells you how to submit your claim, where and any other information.

Hope this is of help.

Gina Hams

(Gina Hams) #2

Absolutely let’s just keep spreading the word.

(Martin Parker) #3

Thanks for the info.

I’ll put it on my site as well if you don’t mind. The more people know about it the better.

(Gina Hams) #4

Thanks Helen

We were told that our disablility payments all of them including mobility would go with us as we were in Europe ( from DSA) and 3 months after we moved here they wrote and told us they were stopping it. That was £50 a week straight out of the budget. We will only get back the Care element but that is better than nothing.

I really hope other people get this information. One really has to know the questions to ask !!!

How are you getting on with horses? Enjoying the good weather. G x