Disappointed with the Embassy

Morning all

I am rather disappointed that the Embassy will not be holding it’s outreach meeting this month

We will not be hosting an online outreach event on Microsoft Teams this month, and we
encourage you instead to sign up to our Queen’s Birthday Party event, and to share this
invitation with your friends and family.

I feel the outreach meeting is of greater importance to us at the moment.

I am also surprised that they appear not to have the resources to run both.

At this point I will show the paranoid side of my personality.

Is it a coincidence that they are cancelling the meeting that is following the UK EU talks that are taking place this week. Do they know something ?

Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.

Enjoy the sunshine guys and gals



Not surprised really, flag waving in support of the monarch is a safer political terrain to be expending energy over than actual negotiation with one’s nearest neighbours.

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Not surprised. They were an absolute waste of time when I was taking the French health authorities to task over the problems I was having as a UK retiree in the French health system and wishing to have treatment in UK. The person I was actually put in touch by the then Overseas Section of the DOH working in London turned round and told me that they did not take on concerns from individuals. She was stupid enough not to realise that if I was being treated in that way, it would apply to all Brits in the same position as myself.

‘Only the paranoid survive’ - Andy Grove :slight_smile:

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You really wonder who they thinking they are working for?
It can only be that they are drawing their salary and waiting for their pension.

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I really like the deputy anbassador (not sure of the correct title) who took a Brittany outreach meeting when they were still having the real ones. Having heard (and been somewhat appalled by) the ambassador himself (fanfare) who appeared at the Calvados one, it was refreshing to hear someone who was as open as was possible in the situation he was in and also (most important) was a career diplomat NOT a political appointee. He knew what he was talking about and wasn’t afraid of problems.

I wonder what happened to :thinking: him…

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He has probably been appointed to Lithuania or somewhere like.

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