Dishonest Internet Sites

Some time ago, when the date for breathalysers to become compulsory came close, I was not able to find any in the stores or pharmacies.

A company online called offered FREE kits. You only had to pay for the postage, therefore a credit card number was needed.

However, on checking my last credit card statement, I find that Ethylo-sav has debited me with 89.88 Euro's!!! They say this is for an "abonnement" which I never requested. They have a toll-free number where you hang on forever, literally, without anybody to talk to.
I sent in a message of resiliation, which they accepted, and apparently the Abonnement has been cancelled but I have demanded a full refund of the money which in my opinion was taken illegally via their online Resiliation Page.

Are there other steps I could take? And hopefully nobody else got caught like I did!!

Oh go on Susan, you'll also get a much better response to your posts, people love it!

Re Photo: I don't want to scare you all away lol !! As far as we personally are concerned, we never drink and drive, unless it is perhaps a small beer or glass of wine during a meal a good hour or so before we set off home. I agree that it is very strange that Sarkozy's pal got the contract. Another manufacturer whose products are classified NF is based in South Africa. I am still battling to contact this bunch of shysters.... their automated answering system doesn't put you through to anyone.

Thanks for warning us all about this scam. There should be a website where you can report to the french for something like this.

I'm deeply sceptical of the whole testing scheme anyway, as it was instigated by Sarcosy, after a lobbyist friend of his,who owns the main supply of them, almost went bankrupt and subsequently, lo and behold, managed to get the law introduced. After that, his factory were unable to keep up the supply and hardly anyone can get one. The law has been delayed until March, so I'm told. If the supply is so troubled, I doubt the kits will be any good either.

I'm also sceptical about the legal status of an action as a result. How can a court be sure your kit has been kept under optimum conditions? What about heat and cold in a parked car? We used them in our drug clinic but they had to be between 4 and 38 degrees.

When are you supposed to use it? before driving or when asked by the police?

PS, SFN likes members to have a photo up