Distilled water!

Strange question, does anyone know where to get distilled water from please? I have been to all the big supermarkets and the DIY places but everyone just keeps offering me demineralised water which is more or less the opposite. We need it to raise triops in!

I'd use that for the likes of irons, steamers etc. since it should not contain salts and is essentially distilled, but I wouldn't use to maintain life or ingest since it's likely to contain the organics from fabric softeners, detergents, perfumes etc. Hope that helps.


more info on triops culture for anyone interested.

It's the chlorine in tapwater that you need to avoid. Bottled water like Evian should be OK. If you have a water butt then strain five litres through some old tights and boil for ten minutes.

any auto parts place, ie Halfords in the UK, sell distilled water under the battery section

How about the water from a condensing tumble dryer Mike ?

Fab, never thought about Amazon. Apparently we need 5 litres, will cost more than the damn kit! Freezer does need a clear out tjhough.

Thanks guys, off to try Gamm Vert and Feu Vert this morning. Triops are 'crustaces prehistoriques' olddried fossil egg thingies that you 'grow', apparently easier to raise than goldfish. My son received them for Christmas as part of his dinosaur science kit!

Wow, big difference in price between distilled water and demineraised water to say its the same thing. Thanks for the infi Steve, if I cant get any locally will try online.

Amazon does do


or you could scrape the frost out of your freezer. You wouldn't need too much for triops.

Socimed has it http://www.socimed.com/eau-bidistillee.html

What are "triops" when they are chez eux ?

just for info, de-mineralised water is not the opposite of distilled, it just involves a different process (other than distillation) to remove the impurities and salts from the water, like using ion exchange resins, carbon filters etc. It's deionised water at the end, same as distilled. You can also use the water extracted in a dehumidifier if you or anyone else has one in use at home/work.

Have you tried pet stores?