Do any of you bank with HSBC

Do any of you bank with Hsbc?

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Yes I do

I was interigated on the tel by HSBC …how much do I earn and how much do I spend
Onutilaties etc

I was candid but not at all happy.
I have to send proof of identity and have to have this proof certified by a lawyer, Barrister,
Solicitor or bank.
I have been given a limited time to do this.

Apparently ALL HSBC customers will go through this.
They call this financial protection…
I have nothing to hide but find this invasive.

So would I, choose another bank!

It’s simply to ensure compliance with money laundering regulations - no big deal. All financial institutions are required to establish the source of any funds and the identity of account holders. That’s the world we live in today so if you haven’t opened a new account for quite some time - it may come as a shock!

I’ve banked with HSBC France for many years - excellent service both in branch, on the phone and online.

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With all the fake phone calls and scams about these days, I have a cunning plan that goes into action if a suspect/unwanted call comes through.

I, politely, cut short their patter and explain that I do nothing over the phone. so please write to me…of course, you will already have my address…:wink:

Then I say a cheery goodbye…and put the phone down.

That sorts the wheat from the chaff.

It may well be that your Bank is on a “security” drive… but I would not do anything without checking with your Branch.

My Bank always writes to us…:relieved:

been with HSBC for a long time. Had the restaurant in London and then the sale of that and our home
and they know our financial pace and flow of money.
The only laundry which I do is for our clients beds.
But the questions they asked did could not tally with the sort of answers I can give.
Outgoings …with a chamber s hote your personl exspenses and your living exspenses
are intertwined and the energy outlay far greater than a home…of course.
And my bank account is with my partner who and in our circumstances the whole picture
needs to unfold otherwise it is not possible to calculate or understand.
Our French accountant knows the full picture.
And whether or not this is how the world is…I felt intimidated.

Stella I am street wise.
it was my bank
And it is not possible to get in touch with my branch in Hammersmith London directly.
You have to go through the main number…and I have not spoken directly to the branch for years.
Yes and the bank did write to me first…the tel conversation followed.
Then another letter.

Aha… sorry Barbara … from your Post it had sounded like a cold-call.

Some years ago, I phoned my Barclays Branch, following a letter… “Look across the road and you will see the Solicitor’s office” says I… “Where do you think I am”… said the gent on the end of the line… turned out he was in Scotland not in Essex…infuriating.

But recently, I phoned the Helpline for Lloyds (yes, it could be anywhere in the world) and spoke at some length… and after quite some chat back and forth… they finally agreed to have someone from my Branch phone me the following day. Well, I wasn’t going to hold my breath… but…lo and behold… someone from my Branch of Lloyds did phone me…I was amazed !! (and we got the query sorted… phew) :relieved:

Yes…I get I lot of “cold calls” and know the sound of the busy office and the intro.

I will be going to the branch early April…however that has changed too.


Best of luck…Banking is no longer as customer-orientated as it was.

I joined Barclays aged 16…(long ago)… when customers were treated with deference and discretion. When Staff and Customers recognised one another…sadly, the personal touch is long-gone.

Nowadays, with Barclays we are lucky if we get hold of someone on the phone, who speaks some sort of understandable English (Helpline :cry: )…

Baclays have lost me to Lloyds…this year ! simply because of the quality of Helpline/Customer Service… Cheers Lloyds :grinning:

Thank you Stella.

Hi Barbara
I’ve been in France since 2009 and have banked with HSBC France since the outset - yes the same rigmarole of ‘security’ identification questions at the outset, but only - as one of your other respondees says - because of France’s paranoia over money-laundering (which is why, for example, shops here do not do cash-back and why it is generally the case that one can only change large amounts of small-denomination coins in one’s own bank branch). I also still bank with HSBC in the UK as I am paid in sterling… From all I’ve heard from the (french) inlaws, and friends and colleagues in France, HSBC is no better or worse than other French banks in its level of service/courtesy etc.

Yes been here since 2007 but the interigation came from Uk …We get paid in UK…

In my experience the U.K. Is equally concerned with money laundering. Not only through banking but even when dealing with lawyers. It’s a real life, modern day problem.

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Yes we also still have a UK HSBC account for our business - opened it in 2007 without interrogation - perhaps it’s down to the attitude of the personnel in each branch… (ours is in Cheltenham). And if as David Martin replies the UK is just as hot on money-laundering, presumably the same process applies regardless of which bank you are with.

I had a letter from HSBC/First Direct asking for various proofs and so rang them and yes, it is valid. I was able to do everything by letter or by ringing them. Is it invasive? Well first of all there’s money laundering protection, which I understand, but if you’re uncomfortable with teh details of your spending then ask is this for marketing, in case they want to sell you insurances, etc.? I won’t answer marketing questions.

no marketing just some very difficult things to answer as running a b and b involves large

amounts for gas, electricity, water, and they do not disengage with personal use as it is the

same property.

Nothing to hide but having to get this certified is annoying.

Have to go to a bank here with my proof.

Most of the utility bills are in my partners name.

Thats strange, my application was fairly straight forward, proof of residence, passport. I also have a bank populaire account and a UK HSBC premier account which may have helped.

WAS not an application.