Do check your Voting status....I thought I was, but I wasn't!

Hi all,

With all the coverage on UK tv re the upcoming local elections on the 5th...It dawned on me that I hadn't received any postal voting forms....and I knew that I had opted to sign up for a postal vote 'ad infinitum'.

I wasn't sure if I was entitled to vote in local elections ( and it turns out I am not), but I asked them to make sure that I was registered for the 'big one', the Referendum in June and I wasn' it was fortuitous that I discovered this before it was too late...I am positive that I opted for and ticked the box for 'postal vote until further notice' it's an omission on their part. Please take the trouble to make the phonecall to verify that you will not be 'erroneously disenfranchised' when the important time comes...