Do French Car Sales Yards Negotiate Prices?

(stella wood) #21


Hi Monica… this thread is so long… not sure if this has already been said… but… it is a good idea to buy from a Garage that is not too far from your home.

That way, the Garage knows/hopes you will use them for Services etc… and they also know that you will be back to see them if there are any problems… :grinning:

It is useful to have a good rapport… works both ways.

(anon88888878) #22

I’ve never really understood any logic in comparing second hand car prices in France with those in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter!). They may be more expensive in France but obviously they’re worth more when you come to sell them on! I just don’t understand those immigrants who buy RHD in the UK for use in France… just don’t get it.

(Timothy Cole) #23

We run two vehicles, a van for work and car for the family which we have always bought new and like Dominic keep in pristine condition for as long as possible. When we were last changing the car we went to the nearest Nissan dealer and said ‘we are cash buyers what can you do’ to which they replied ‘the price is the price’ take it or leave it, we left it and bought what we wanted on the internet saving 6k over the garage list price. The van on the otherhand was bought from a dealer in the UK who willingly knocked money off because we paid cash. To me it’s a culture thing, the French put a value on things and will not budge whereas Brits are more pragmatic and any deal is better than no deal.

(Timothy Cole) #24

If you have a budget Simon then you buy within your budget. I simply couldn’t afford the van prices here so very reluctantly bought a RHD one from the UK.

(michael archer) #25

The old British saying, A fast penny is better than a slow pound.

(anon88888878) #26

YepTim I understand that. Just out of interest though…how much did you spend on getting the RHD over to France and reregistering it?

(Timothy Cole) #27

The flight, ferry, diesel and tolls were about £200 but we filled the van up with stuff (food and xmas pressies etc) so that saved the cost of having them delivered, re-registering cost about £650 (headlights, CT, COC and ANTS fee) but I would have had to have paid a fee to ANTS even if I bought a van here (son just bought a car locally and his fee was 170 Euros) so overall I don’t think the extra cost is too bad. I now have a van that should last me until I retire in 5/6 years time and beyond.

(Monica Moriyasu) #28

Thanks Stella,
Yes, my question has been answered…and many others besides, lol. thanks to all who took the time. I dont want this to devolve, so it can stop now, lol. Yes, we are very interested in being members of our community and active, and so we will go closer to our residence for this vehicle! We just had our price accepted, so we are on the fast track to living here permanently. Thanks for your advice.

(Leo Vanderpot) #29

You took the words right out!

(Monica Moriyasu) #30

Thank you all for your advice. We have purchased from a Dealer, and so far the process is seamless. Good price for car and they are adding a Tow Bar for our trailer (eventual purchase). They will do all the documentation as required, and service and clean the vehicle. We can get a loaner car when ours is in for service (gratuite) and as a family owned and operated company, they seem to be very service oriented. We have been very happy with the process. Pick the car up this coming week. Also sign Comprise de Vente on our new home this week! yay!