Do I need a doctor's prescription for a Blood Test

I am booked for an operation on my knee in early April. I have to get a Blood test soon - the hospital have given me a letter with the required items but it does not say “Ordannance” - just says should be done by IDE. Do I need to get a prescription from my doctor or will the letters from the hospital be sufficient. I have separate letters for crutches and surgical stockings. Thanks for any information as I am on my own and have only had out-patient treatment before.

The documentation from the hospital should be fine

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Thank you Mark - I will try tomorrow.

The hospital paper work will be good for all the bits and the blood. Best of luck

In case you don’t know, the ID E means Infirmière Diplômée d’Etat, so if your medical centre has a nurses clinic you can have it done there rather than go into a lab.

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Thanks Jane, I have had a blood test done locally before but that was with a prescription from my doctor at the infirmier’s office.

Thank you Stella - one less thing to worry about.