Do I need a website or can I make do with Facebook and à blog?

First, please excuse typos - got à new iPad and it wants to type something different!

I am launching my handmade fused glass products and wonder if it is worth getting à website done (if I had one I would want a very professional looking one) or Should I should start with à Facebook page and à blog?

Does anyone have comments/suggestion?


hoping to position myself as a ‘quality craftsman’ - I am a member of the Pole Metiers d’Arts for my region, and I hope to market unique pieces of glassware. Any site or blog has therefore got to reflect that image. perhaps, having said that, I’ve answered my own question.

You can always have a domain name for your blog as well i.e .

A blog is a good way to show case your products, it is virtually a website anyway. if you use wordpress you can create your own. A decent website could cost a fair bit, remember when starting a business you need to keep the overheads low, but still need a presence.

It's like a tradesman starting up and the first think he does is buy a brand new van. he will justify it by saying the customers will think he looks professional, but they wont if he cant keep up the payments and goes bust. OK that was a worse scenario, but it happens.

On the other side if you are not happy creating a blog, as it will take a little while to get the best use out of it, is to get an off the shelf website that you can change the style to suit you.

If you need one with a shopping cards and then pay to have it altered often, then think hard before you commit, all thses things add up.

I have to say I am not website expert, I am just saying what has worked for me.

That is a very good point re the web address v. facebook address James.