Do I need an ordenance to get new hearing aids?

With the new low cost option for hearing aids, plus not being able to travel or even safely post my current aids back to Specsavers in the uk, can I just go and make an appointment at one of the many hearing aid centres in France? Or do I need an ordenance from my gp or even a hospital audiologist?
I tried to get my Siemens aids repaired here last year but the local shops all had their own preferred marque, and wouldn’t touch them.
My advisor at Specsavers says that mine are coming to the end of their life, and as it would be impossible to visit uk to get them replaced,
I am hoping that the new regulations in France will make it economically possible to get them here.
Any advice? Any recommendations? We are south of Limoges and happy to deal in French so not looking for “English speaking”

Have you looked through this thread?

Yes, thank you, I read the thread and it prompted me to ask the question.
It doesn’t really answer the question of whether I need to go to a hospital audiologist before visiting a hearing aid ‘shop’. I know I am deaf, I wear aids now, but want to get the next pair in France rather than relying on going back to uk for checkups and posting to uk for repairs. I have been here for 14 years and in the health system, but have always gone back to uk for glasses and hearing aids. That’s got to change! With Brexit and COVID it’s all to complicated.
I couldn’t manage without aids and want to get ready for when I need to change them.

I was in the same situation @Mmepoivre , went to a hearing aid centre and they told me to get an audiologist prescription. However, because of when I did it, it only gave me about 250 euros off the cost of the aids. Now that the “basic” ones are free, you’d get a much bigger allowance from the state but you can only, as I understnd it, get that if you’ve a prescription from a specialist - even if the prescripton only says “this lady needs aids”.
My Siemens aids had run their course too, so just like you!

You will need a prescription from the doctor or specialist to trigger security social payments ,as this allows the seller to give you a price for everything that is your part of the bill . The seller of the aides can do his own testing if he wants to.

I certainly found that the local hearing aid supplier did a much more thorough hearing test than the specialist. I think @Flocreen 's mention of doctors is an important point - given how much I paid the specialist to get a one-line ordonnance, ig you can get your GP to do the same, you’re away :smiley:

I can’t fault my specialist ,it was him who found out the cause of my hearing loss.Wires stuck on my head and different sounds ran around inside .

Well done Florian! My specialist was a random pick since I hadn’t a clue - still, I know to use a different one next time :smiley:

A discussion with your MT perhaps?

You have the choice its not written in stone that you have to use a specialist. Especially as you already have hearing aides.

Don’t miss the fact there is a second thread running on the same subject…

I had to go to my médecin first who gave ordonance for ENT specialist. He did complete detailed examination and audio test and then gave me dossier to take to audiologist. She would not proceed until this was done. I then got the aids supplied fully paid for by CV and mutuelle. If you want to go above what is provided you will need to pay difference. Warranted for four years and includes two visits a year. Replaced after four years. Have used chain called EcouteVoir