Do I not have enough to do?

I've just got in after a 13 hour day. I have a husband with a herniated disc, three kids and a full time job apart from SFN. Do I really need to deal with re-setting profile photos from members who have been a part of SFN for many years now and know the rules (a photo of yourself and NOT a business logo)?



Hi Catherine

Absolutely not!

I think some websites allow you to upload your own choice of photos to your profile. Could your Web designer incorporate this in SFN to spare you the need to do this.

But apart from those few minor problems, it was a good day....yes?

I do not think the often given excuse of 'I don't know how to do it' will wash anymore. It is not rocket science uploading a picture and if a member cannot perform this simple test after say 1 week then maybe their accounts should expire automatically.

Trouble is, 90% of the membership would be zapped :(

Sorry to hear your day was not good. I hope this might cheer you up ? I found this on a lesser social media site. Hope it does not offend any readers.

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Hi Michael, I think it is better to see a members photo than him or her to upload a photo of his cat or house or whatever.

I must say the method is explained clearly on SFN, so get going!!!!

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Is it because you missed 'Apero' ..........

Just delete people who don't! Mind you there may be some who would struggle to upload a pic.

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That's not nice! You know some of us almost in our 70's and retired here still try to belong somewhere; so if you say we should not be part of SFN just because we don't belong to the digital age, so where do we go? This is meant for the guy who said if you cannot upload pictures etc you should not be part of SFN.

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Yes a little unthinking for those who do not work easily with computers . Therefore am happy to help with advise If I can?

Sorry, I meant that tongue in cheek fashion!

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Hey, I struggle to upload a pic. :) My computer falls off-line about every thirty seconds. Most aggravating. It works much better in France than in Texas.

I've personally spent many, many hours helping members upload photos - especially back in the 'bad old days' when there were certain technical problems (now resolved - so no excuses!). And I don't mind this at all - not everyone is technically minded.

What does annoy me is when a long term member who has previously used a picture of themselves as per our T&C, then changes it to their company logo. As I said, I have enough to do!

Roll on Friday apero hour is all I can say!

I'm curious why you are reseting the photo, and it's not a message request for the member to do themselves?

I figure if one can navigate life in France, one can upload the appropriate profile photo. :)

You would think so, wouldn't you!

It's quicker to press one button to reset the photo than type and send a message. If I'm feeling patient (or it's a new member) I will take the time to send a message. But sometimes I am less than patient...! xx

Sorry Catherine but if you have the know-how to make a post on this thread then you have the know-how to post just one single picture of yourself.

IF it was required to post a picture BEFORE membership was confirmed then I am guessing this would not be a problem.

Being addressed :)

If anyone has a problem uploading a photo just email it to me and I'll do it for you

Maybe not everyone has access to an electronic copy of a photo (ie no access to scanner or digital camera / phone). Once one has the digitised photo it's quite easy to upload but sometimes geting that photo is difficult.

You would be hard pressed to find a mobile phone without a camera and even harder pressed to find a human without a phone.

Are you seriously suggesting these people without a phone or a camera DO have a computer that is also without a built in camera or web cam and that those persons represent 75% of the members of this site? That would mean that the SFN membership is mainly made up of some pretty special people eh?

I realise you are trying to be kind to these people but there really is no excuse.