Do You Enjoy - Jazz or Blues Music?

In April 2015 I started a hobby adventure that now (as of 22 Oct 2015) has heard globally in 71 countries achieving over 200+ hours per day on average over the last 30 days. Both the static and mobile websites provides the following wide-ranging complimentary community services - You choose: Live music stream 24/7/365, How to Listen, Monthly Featured Artists, Jazz Republic Magazine with International and Local Music related News, Sunday Night Blues and Midday or Midnight Hour featuring - Motown, Funk and Soul Slots. Jazz Republic TV feeds, Social Media Platforms, Jazz History and the support for local and international music related business partnerships. All part of this every growing and developing complimentary adventure!

Like all hobbies it cost me something in time and energy, I love the challenge and the community services it now offers.

Maybe start you own 'Themed online radio station' - 21st century FREE software provides a level playing field – so...come and play! (no previous radio station/DJ experiences required.) In my experience the support and guidance from the local and International Jazz Radio/Music/Media community has been extremely enriching. There is an exciting and developing online radio/music community just a mouse click away. Demystifying such things as radio station jargon and a key golden nugget: 3 Secrets radio personalities don't want you to know!

Check out what we offer and join the adventure:)

All the Best – Nigel J.

Themed online radio stations, accessible anywhere, produced and run by passionate people is the next frontier - Alexandre Saboundjian CEO, Radionomy

Thanks for the kind words...and I will send your magazine request on Tuesday.
I also Love Blues and Sunday Night is Blues Night from 8 pm.

Nigel J.

Love what you have been able to create -and share with others.

You have got me excited -I am more of a blues fan (harp player) but of course enjoy jazz a lot too.


Any jazz and blues lovers living around Fontenay le Comte?


You're always welcome...:)

Thank you, Nigel…I will,I hope, be there one day!

You're most welcome it's a community event very much for singers/musicians such as yourself. As one of the organisers, let me know your coming and will make sure you get mic time and if you tell me what you wish to sing. I will let the house musicians know before hand...

Thanks for your comments. We found that Good jazz related music stations are predominantly based in and come out of major cities. The new era of online radio seems to have two routes. One being a continuation of the overall music being played as it was with terrestrial, sometimes sectioned with timeslots such as drivetime, breakfast show etc. Or Themed online radio shows such as ours which gives the listener the choice to choose what music genres they wish. You will see that we've done this with our Motown, Funk, Soul lunchtime hour as we received emails requesting this from the local expat community.Plus Sunday Night Blues. All based on CET.

This is so exciting, Nigel, thank you! I have been trying for some time to find any jazz in our area (16) with no luck. We resort to listening to Jazz fm through the tv but this is a great alternative. Just downladed the app and it works beautifully on my iPad. I’m a standards singer but there are no opportunities I have found near me so perhaps I’ll wander down for an open mic night…

Maybe you want to pop over for a jam with Jonathon?

One afternoon?

Thanks for letting me know and Pia and I hope you enjoy listening :)

Sadly you are a little too far from us.

Not sure your local location - this live music event by invitation - here's yours: Click Here

Sadly can't take loud music indoors now, I love all live music for joy of watching musicians playing. Soul & jazz are both great. At locale event in Foyer Sat. Eve it was disco after meal! When sat at back of hall no problem- when trying to dance a bit too busy trying not to fall. Didn't get home till 5am - reminded me of annual clubbing nights in Germany! Great fun then.

Click this link for details etc...

Nigel J.

Nigel when and where are the jam OH would

probably like to join in.

Thanks Barbara

Yes what a talented young man....Tom Ibarra.

So little GOOD music being played in my region.

Is it that people do not like GOOD music or is it that they

never get to hear it.

I have something up my sleeve just now....

As they say....time to wake up the talent in 33/47/24.

Who else is in 33/24/47

Just looked at Tom Ibarra, Barbara. long as there's musicians coming up through the ranks, jazz is healthy and alive!

Saw my favourite jazz singer, Mark Murphy, died this week. Sad.

I do play Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Dave Brubeck...mental note for me about Dudley...thanks :)

I know Natalie and many of the local musicians, such as Paola Vera, Triosophy, Sophisticated Ladies, and Studio la Tour. Helping organise a Free jam session look at the bottom of our website Magazine page for info.

As far as my musicality! Own 3 guitars, always feel a newbie and having a go at the Xaphoon (pocket sax).

Nigel do you play any instrument?

Are you involved with Tonight C est Soir? by any chance?