Do you feel misled by the leave campaigers? Crown Prosecution Service investigates

This is quite interesting? I think a lot of voters are now feeling ‘misled’ and I for one would love to see certain people prosecuted for the downright lies they have peddled!

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I haven’t voted because I voted to remain - ergo I wasn’t misled by the lying bar stewards.

I didn’t feel misled. There was exaggeration and outright lies on both sides. I did plenty of research, listened to arguments for and against, had interesting online conversations with Remainers and saw several things that supported their view and make me consider my opinion. I read both the Times, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail to find the same information presented differently depending on their owner’s political views. I watched the debates on the TV. And my vote reflected what I felt was best for the country and its future (ok please don’t let’s revisit all the arguments again). What’s happened since then has been a shambles of infighting and indecision. But if I had to vote again, I’d still vote the same way. Would others?

Yes @Sandy_Hewlett absolutely but with even more certainty I was doing the right thing.

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I voted remain but I did think the leave campaign was misleading

Although obviously many people voted leave based on other considerations, I do think sufficient evidence is mounting to show that the leave campaign breached the electoral rules. Of course in any campaign there will be an element of ‘porkie telling’ or exaggeration on either side but both the NHS claim, known by campaigners to be false, and Point Break poster in particular directly influenced voters. The campaigners intentionally misled and, to me, the post-ref ‘Oh well, it was a mistake’ simply isn’t sufficient.

I know there is an opinion that voters saw straight through the NHS figure as being the nonsense that it was but enough is surfacing now to indicate that’s not the case. Unison, for example, reported on a Papworth Trust finding relating to its disabled members:

“Research by the trust since June’s referendum also revealed that the Leave campaign’s suggestion of spending £350m extra on the NHS was a huge motive for disabled voters who chose to vote to leave the EU.”

I think the CPS may find enough to support a case for intentionally misleading or influencing under the EC’s rules. If successful it would probably only result in a fine or a slap on the wrist but it would show certain MP/MEPs up for being the liars that they are. And here endeth my rambling opinion.

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On a lighter(?) note: