Do you find France to be a sexist country compared to where you come from?

I love sensitive topics :smile: I have popcorns, please discuss

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Yep pretty much Neanderthal.

100% yes.

Much more sexist, racist and homophobic. But then I knew that my cultural standards would struggle in moving from London to a small rural hamlet, so wasn’t surprised. Just sad. It does mean we have quite a few gay friends here now.

Probably wouldn’t be that much different if I moved to a similar sized isolated hamlet in the UK.

If you mean that:- tiling a bathroom, floors and walls; laying 250 slabs and creating a garden from a wilderness; repairing a huge crack in the stone wall of my previous house; installing a toilet including removing the stones to make a hole for the outlet; digging and installing a fish pond (and much much more) all by myself and still having French men think that because I am a woman I know nothing then YES ! :thinking::rage::rage:
I forgive your compatriots though Maxime because I am a generous soul :joy:

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Thank you very meuch for your humanity

You’re welcome, but I think maybe you mean humility :wink:
The reason I have cited the DIY jobs that I have done alone is not to ‘brag’ but simply to explain that I am quite capable off doing and understanding many DIY projects. Not electricity, what I know about that I can write on the back of a stamp, and it frightens me as well. In the UK I didn’t have the same experience of being ‘talked down to’ as I have here by Frenchmen. So I say for DIY I do find France a more sexist country. :thinking:

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Another reason why I’m glad I left before she came into power…

No, not at all. But then, I come from Northern Ireland…