Do you have a French cheque book?

Just wondering… as this has cropped up on another Thread…

I’m with Credit Agricole and have a cheque book, which is used about a dozen times throughout the year… but, at least I do have it. :upside_down_face: and it comes with RIB’s and paying-in slips…

How do you cope??

Yes we have a cheque book - rarely used. Early on we paid a couple of large Ikea bills with it to avoid the limit on the debit card) and I paid a couple of tradesmen by cheque but otherwise we don’t use it.

Which reminds me, I must get the chimney swept


We pay for club outings, wood delivery, local functions (meals, meals and more meals)… and it is (nearly) always in my bag when I go shopping.

One 10 month period, when a local shop intermittently refused my Debit Card… the cheque book came in very handy… no idea what the problem was… but it was a blasted nuisance and only resolved when they upgraded their card readers… seems I was not the only red-faced customer (oh, I was so embarrassed)

We’ve always had a cheque book (CA) and it’s astonishing the number of people I see who pay everything with cheques. Still a lot of companies/organisations etc around here that only accept cheques or cash. Used to be the case with my doctor and some specialists. The local clinic will accept cards but they apparently only have one card reader for everyone so it’s a bit of a panic each time we need to pay one of the consultants. And yes, it’s a vital back up when the reader won’t work, usually because the connection is AWOL. It lives in my wife’s handbook. I never use it!

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We have the same CA cheque book we had when we arrived 4 years ago. Rarely used and has our old uk address on it.

Yes I have a cheque book as well. Don’t use it much though like the rest of you particularly now so much can be paid online. Like you Stella I always have it for shopping in case the card doesn’t work and I use it to pay the company that supplies our aide a domicile (for some reason the Conseil Generale pay us and then we pay ADAR). I also paid an electrician with it recently but it mostly sits unused in my bag.

Chris… our branch were interested to hear when we settled permanently… and they changed the status of our bank account accordingly…

no idea what, if any, difference it makes… except that our UK address is no longer applicable…

I’d be surprised if we’ve used more than a dozen in that time. They are always honoured so we don’t worry about it.

Fair enough… just saying… I suppose it’s more how the bank register their customers… we are classed as Resident rather than holiday folk…

Don’t know why they don’t just issue a new one with our permanent address on themselves.

Have you mentioned to them that the address is no longer pertinent… :upside_down_face: we were issued with a new book and told to destroy all the unused cheques in the old one…

that was years ago… perhaps/doubtless things will have moved on…

There are quite a few local services that prefer a cheque rather than a virement like the man who sweeps our chimmneys, the plumber, the arboriculturalist. And the dog club where we buy our dog food, the foyer rural for activities, the local concerts and so on. Plus some of the doctors I see don’t have bank card facilities so it’s cheque or cash. I guess we get through a cheque book a year.

If you have children all sorts of school-related things have to be paid for by cheque for administrative reasons (traceability) which may mean cheques for eg €3.26 but there we are. I use my cheque book a lot.

The interesting bit for me is the correct filling out of a French cheque.
This link has remained on my desktop computer since we arrived here 10 years ago… A really useful utility.

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I still use this one (a bit pathetic really that I still need to) …


Yes, I’m sure it’s been mentioned and of course all correspondence etc comes to our permanent address here. Causes occasional raised eyebrows when paying for something. I’m sure if we insisted they’d change it.

Yes I have a cheque book…CMB…I opened the account a couple of weeks after arriving here…(I still give myself a pat on the back for bravery when I think back…lol…)

I still have that first cheque book…it has my French address on it…I’ve used it to pay my taxe fonciere and my taxe d’habitation…my water bill which is supplied by a small syndicat supplying 18 homes…the French tradesman who fitted my new boiler…

I do now carry it in my shoulder bag as I’ve several times experienced retailers suffering downtime with their card readers…

Plus I like to always have some euros and small change…x :slight_smile:

I have a cheque book but hardly ever use it. Paul mentioned daily limits on cards, are they a problem for people? Someone on another forum was going on about it only a few days ago. Coincidentally when I was looking at how easy it was to find my bank details inline this afternoon I opened a page which actually stated my daily card limit. It’s €15,000 a day. I can’t see that causing me any problems or make me reach for my cheque book.

Lol…I still have that link too…my first taxe fonciere resulted in a furrowed brow massive concentration and one spoiled cheque…my first taxe d’habitation resulted in frantic googling hot sweats aging 10 years and three spoiled cheques as it also included a late payment penalty as my first taxe d’habitation had gone to my mom’s…x :smile:

Maybe it’s to do with the length of time someone has held an account…???