Do you have these symptoms? You may be wheat intolerant

Feel bloated, constipated, have skin rashes and allergies, are chronically tired/foggy headed and generally unwell? It's time to look at your wheat intake!

Unfortunately, it takes many years of eating too much wheat to get a diagnosis, So, if you’re symptomatic, your risk of developing other diseases, especially autoimmune disorders. Which means, if you’re diagnosed with wheat intolerance, your chances of developing an autoimmune condition skyrocket from the average 3.5 percent to 34 percent.

Experts now tell us that undiagnosed gluten allergies are also associated with increased risk of Alzheimer's.

The Role of Grains (including wheat derived) in Inflammatory Disease

If you suffer from any inflammatory condition – be it celiac, autoimmune disorders, or heart disease, to name but a few – you need to first and foremost avoid grains ie all wheat and wheat derived products!

Many people are now taking probiotics. These cannot be used as a way to maintain a grain based diet without suffering ill effects. Grains and sugars are highly pro-inflammatory, and while probiotics are anti-inflammatory, they cannot cancel out the detrimental effects of a diet high in starchy wheat and sugar.

Learn and know the importance of eliminating grains from your diet, even minute amounts of gluten, a protein most commonly found in wheat, rye and barley.

The good news is, the combination of avoiding or eliminating grains, along with increased consumption of probiotic foods (or a high quality supplement) in conjunction with a gut healing diet plan can bring new hope and increased health for millions of people suffering from gluten intolerance, celiac disease and other autoimmune disorders.

Making the change is easier than you think

Without good gut bacteria, your body cannot absorb certain vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals including undigested starches, fiber, and fats. The friendly bacteria in your digestive tract convert these into primary sources of important energy and nutrients.

Probiotics help in the production of both vitamin K and B vitamins, and promote mineral absorption. They also aid in metabolism and the breakdown of toxins, so this is why you are feeling so exhausted and unwell, you are not absorbing what you need for health, vitality and energy!!

Keeping bad bacteria under control including candida is vital to a healthy gut which is your epicentre of wellbeing.

Beneficial bacteria have a lifelong, powerful effect on your guts' immune system and your systemic immune system as well. The bacteria play a crucial role in your digestive tract. They also aid in the production of antibodies to pathogens.

Take a good Probiotic

The best option is to get your probiotics from natural, traditionally fermented foods, such as chou crute and miso. But I realise that they are not to everyone's taste.

Fermented soya or natto, is an excellent vegetarian food product that is excellent choice for natural probiotics, Also, natural raw sheep or goat milk yogurt and cheeses. Get good quality products from the health food store, beware of those loaded with sugar.

Unfortunately, food manufacturers have tapped into the health-supporting properties of probiotics, and gluten free and most are still highly processed and not actually healthy at all !!!

Take a high quality probiotic supplement, which bacterial good strains are included? Look for probiotic supplements which:

Can survive stomach acid so that it reaches your small intestine

Stays reside in your digestive tract long enough to be effective

Survive high temperatures and do not need to be refrigerated, which adds convenience.

Foods for Treating Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

  1. Gluten intolerance means a gluten-free diet, which means abstaining from grains and any food that contains gluten.

  2. Often, avoiding gluten for a week or two is enough to see significant improvement. However, sometimes several months may be necessary.

  3. Also cut down on sugar, which causes rises in insulin that exacerbate health problems such as: such as leaky gut syndrome and candida.

  4. Processed foods like ready-made meals are the worst, plus anything that contains soy sauce etc read labels carefully!

  5. Eat as much fresh healthy food as possible, juice it if your not a veggy freak!

  6. Chlorophyl is your best immune booster and also helps to clear the liver of toxins produced by poor digestion etc.

Try to stick to a diet of fresh, whole foods, preferably organic whenever possible. Not only will you keep your symptoms under control, but you will also experience numerous other benefits such as increased energy, enhanced mood, and a lower risk of chronic illness.

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And there was me thinking it's the menopause....

Have been making gluten free bread for about 10yes for the OH in a bread maker, takes about 3 minutes to assemble and the GF programme is only 2 hours.
Extra pro-biotics not necessary with a good fresh diet…we have goat’s and ewe’s milk products as OH also dairy intolerant.
Very simple once you have mastered preparing fresh ingredients as a matter of habit.

Hi Susanne, I stopped eating bread three weeks ago after feeling bloated. I found myself getting through about 300g per day. I haven't changed anything else in my diet and I enjoy everything. I feel pretty good now but the big difrerence is the weight loss. I do regular exercise anyway and find I have lost about three kgs already ! Question is, does this reduction in carb intake have any adverse effects and do you know of a good low carb bread available on the market without me resorting to making my own bread ?

...and don't forget fermented drinks!

On a more serious note I know a fellow (in his forties, back then) whose doctor diagnosed "wheat intolerance / irritable bowel syndrome": and when the tumour in his lower intestine ruptured through his gut wall it was not good. He survived, happily. Bowel cancer can and does kill - the symptoms are frequently mis-appraised / ignored / attributed to other causes. A simple stool test can provide an early indication.

Don't ignore your gut, seems to be the message.

Good, but not everyone is as lucky as you!

Nope, I feel just fine, thank you !

Great, I love fermented foods, we need to convince others though...

Agree on the fermented foods. I recently learned how to make my own kraut. Very easy to do and shelf life is not an issue.

Oh those killer croissants!! Just a quick not to all those questions on probiotics, inorder to survive the gastric acidity of the stomach they need to be pretty "robust" so the chilled theory does not always mean they are better, I know these companies do extensive research and are also ethical in their policies. The bottom line is that fibre and fermented foods go along way for healthy gut flora.....pass the sauerkraut please.

Good post Suzanne. I moved to the land of bread and cheese, in 2004, only to discover that I needed to give up not only wheat and grains, but also dairy (casein). Improvement was slow but results were positive. Recently, out of curiosity I added some croissants and rolls back into my diet... just to see. It took only a couple of weeks for symptoms to reappear. My bad.

Sugar is also one of those things that take a toll over a lifetime. I discovered that xylitol is an excellent replacement. It looks and cooks just like sucrose/fructose sugar, but does not have the glycemic spike of sugar. This is critical for those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and those of us who don't want to develop it. Just don't let the dogs get into it, as they do not handle alcohol sugars well. I order it 10 kilos at a time from a French distributor who only sells xylitol derived from the bark of the birch tree. It is bio.

I use an excellent probiotic from the states, but it needs refrigeration. They ship it to my US residence, overnight, in cold packs. My daughter forwards it on to me, in the refrozen cold packs, but we only do this in the dead of winter when we know that they will not be exposed to high temps. It arrives in 6 - 7 days in very good condition. Klaire Labs - Ther-Biotic Complete. I will look into the Solgar and Viridian products, but I have not had much success in the past with room temperature probiotics. It would be nice to find an effective probiotic that doesn't require all the hassle.

Thanks, I will give the Solgar Advanced a go.

Hi, I only use either solgar advanced or viridian health probiotics which can be ordered on line. hope this helps. Susanne

Do you have any recommendations for 'high quality probiotic supplement' as I have had a look and it is not exactly easy to know what's what in the big list of ingredients.

I found this site but not sure how 'truthful' it is etc.

Oh and Amazon have thousands of them.... that didn't help me either !


Hi, yes everyone I have ever treated says the same, so well done you!! wheat really does cause a multitude of digestive problems as today it is so highly processed!! Our bodies are not designed for processed foods...

Hi Susanne thanks for this. I had all of those symptoms + headaches. I stopped eating wheat a month ago and all of those things have cleared up! It is quite amazing! :)