Do you know how I can get a taxi permit and what's the cost?

I have a B&B near Toulon and would like to add to my service of a taxi/shuttle bus so I am able to get an extra income by collecting and returning our guests to the airport.

If anyone could give me some advice on where to get this information or infact knows what it costs ect ect thanks in advance

They are cowboying it as usual. The Carte Professionelle is new and intended to clear up the anomaly as it is obligatory from July 2012. The best joke is actually finding someone at the Prefecture that knows what you are talking about.

All operators of such vehicles have to go on a register as well, look here not many registered in your region!

just make sure you're insured to do so but a taxi licence costs an absolute fortune and you'd have to find someone willing to sell theirs - it's a closed shop in most areas which is why taxis are so expensive!

Hi Geoff,

First of all - is it necessarily a taxi licence you need? If so, look at Service Public for how to do it. Alternatively you may just need a 'Carte Professionelle de chauffeur de voitures de Tourisme' or a Petite Remise might do. Do any other B &B's provide this service?

Good luck!