Do you know Murray Head?

Does any one know Murray Head…?
He lives near Pau.

Hello Barbara,

I can remember him been on TOTP and singing ‘One night in Bangkok’.

Here is the wiki page for info on him:



He was a customer at my Fulham restaurant.
He now lives near Pau…in a teeny village.
How lovely it would be to hear him sing again…in Bergerac.

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He stood in front of me last year at a Vide Grenier I was selling at! I wouldn’t have recognised him but for the fact that not long before that Sunday morning, I attended a singing competition at Chateau Laas (in the small village of Laas), around the time of the Transhumance… He’s the Chairman of this yearly event, so you might be able to trace him through the Chateau’s website /events?

I have found him…thanks