Do you know of the Bellingcat Open source Investigations website?

Bellingcat []

This is a group of journalists and people dedicated to uncovering those things that governments do not want us to know.

This is from the latest e-mailed newsletter.

'Thankful to everyone who supports us and shares our work. As usual, we have more work to be shared — from new revelations about GRU poisoners operating in Europe and news of the far right both in the States and in Ukraine. But first, as always, some important announcements. ’

If you really want to be informed, then sign up.

Goodness, watching the general election is making me paranoid enough. Excuse me while I just reinsert in the sand.

I think we need to know what is going on underneath all the obvious politicing.

It is amazing that there are people who ate so concerned that they become sponsors and others who do the actual work.

The International Emmy for Documentary has been awarded to “Bellingcat - Truth in a Post Truth World”.
These are serious people who are working to expose danger to democracy and people and they totally deserve this accolade.

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