Do you listen to France Inter

(Véronique Langlands) #1

And if so did you hear Par Jupiter on Monday evening? They interviewed some British man in Paris who not only voted for Brexit while living here but also is an enthusastic supporter of Marine Le Pen.
Speaks joke French too but that is possibly the least of his problems.
For those who don’t know it, Par Jupiter is a mildly satirical comedy current affairs programme where there is a vox pop at some stage where Guillaume Meurice goes and interviews people so we can all smugly agree they are knuckledraggers etc not like virtuous us oh no.


(Caroline Gough) #2

I listen to inter in the car but have to admit I also listen to podcasts in English Which is lazy of me I think Patrick Cohen is great but dint catch much else. Unless of course I have a long car journey.

I like the sound of Par Jupiter though.

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(Jane Williamson) #3

Bring back the guillotine?

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(Jane Jones) #4

Listen to Inter, but generally mornings not evenings. However thanks for tip, will give it a try…

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(Véronique Langlands) #5

The bit you need to listen to is Guillaume Meurice, ‘l’anglais’ is the last person interviewed. You can even put it on video if you like.


(Jane Jones) #6

Just listened…where do they find them!

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