Do you live in the Lot et Garonne or Brittany?

Morning all!

Yet again I am on the hunt for case studies - people who live in these regions and are happy to talk about why they chose to live there / what is great about the area / places to go / things to do…

If this is you please feel free to get in touch! It won’t take long and will just involve a quick phone chat or we can do it via email. I’m looking for residents and estate agents. I can include a link to your business if applicable.


Catharine x

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I don’t know whether I will be of much use to you but I don’t mind being contacted. I can tell you why we chose Brittany but due to covid we haven’t been out much.

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Good morning

So , I don’t live in Lot et Garonne full time but I have owned my house there for 11 years and did intend to come there on a permanent basis eventually. Things have changed a bit. It might still be possible…it might not. :cry:
However, I’m very happy to answer any questions about “why that area etc.” if it’s a help.

Kind regards


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Derin, I recommend you remove your email from your message. This is a public forum - anyone, anywhere in the world can see this. Better to send @cat a private message. Click on her name and a box comes up with her details, including a blue rectangle with “message” written in it. Click on that and you can then send her a message which only she will see.


Thanks Sue! I literally just had that thought! :thinking::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you VERY much to everyone who has replied / messaged me. I WILL be in touch but this week is exam week…


@cat …replied by messaging you

Have replied. Finally…! X

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Just sent you some comments…forgot and the came across your mail today, sorry about the delay, hope its not too late!