Do you need a hairdresser?

If you are in the 64 / 40 area then your luck is in! My personal coiffeuse and SFN member Nikki Edwards is flying over for a weekend visit and will be available cut / colour hair.

If you’d like to join us for haircuts and a cup of tea (or maybe something stronger!) on the 14th / 15th October, please get in touch with me or Nikki.

She is excellent. I don’t let anyone else cut my hair and I have v difficult hair to cut. Her cuts last for absolutely ages too.

Is she good? lol I really need a decent stylist. I am not all that enamoured with our village Mixte hairdresser. Will look you up in the phone and give you a call.

Too far away for me Catherine! I missed my hairdresser as she was away on holiday and ended up coming out looking like Joan of Arc. Went ahgain last Thursday and I am now looking as I want to be, although it will take another six weeks to fully repair “the damage”.
I have very thick hair and if you don’t give it a good go with the thinning scissors I end up with a head of hair like a helmet!