Do you need an ark?

Having seen photos of the flooded A10 ( near Orleans), I'm utterly shocked at the extend of the rainfall in the last few days. I thought we'd had it bad 'down south' here in Les Landes but clearly, it's been worse elsewhere.

I'm going away for a few days and have left the horse outisde. I'm now worrying that he needs armbands and a rubber ring...

Is it ever going to stop?! How is the weather where you are? Have you been affected by flooding?

Summer has well and truly arrived here in Brittany :)

It has been constant here for about 48 hours or more without even an hour's let up. But the car looks clean, the plants are most definitely watered and - my worst fear - water hasn't yet crept into the exchange box thingy at the bottom of the lane which glitches the phone/internet. Also, I have a huge, as in huge, interview with an American rock band I'm working on to deadline so I'm happy I'm not in my usual "Oh, but I want to go outside and play like everyone else" so, yes, that rainy cloud has a dim silver lining for me.

Hi Valerie, I hope it goes well for you. It sounds important.

Catherine, I have just been looking out of the window and the predominant colours are green and grey!

We have friends staying and today was supposed to be sunny, but that has all changed and it is raining again. We had two nights of tremendous electrical storms and threatened hail, which fortunately did not materialise as it can be costly for the pool cover.

I have swum twice since we opened the pool at the beginning of May and yet more rain is forecast.

Yes Jane the weather is just the same here. However we had the hail stones a few nights ago

and they sounded like millions of tiny bullets rushing from the heavens!

When will summer arrive?

Weather here in Pays Basque pretty awful too.

Friday night we had a sudden storm with hailstones like golf balls. Everything plastic has new ventilation! A few patches of paint off the car too, but no dings, unlike the new cars at the weekend Foire Commerciale in St Palais which were badly damaged.

Dry, sunny and very warm here in Charente Maritime...........and then I woke up.

oh it was a line in a song....

not reality!

Now I remember why I bought a house on a hill.

An ark is impending, luyckily we are prety hight here in 81, had rain continous since Sunday, intermittent today, but please stop!!!!!!

Lucky I,m on a barge at the moment But we are stuck on the outskirts of Paris as they are shutting the river by the sound of things and we probably would not get under some of the bridges.

We are cladding the rear wall of our house during pouring rain, including re-fixing external sockets and lights. We want to get up to the first floor before going to Alsace and the UK, so are working under a tonnelle with tarps draped over the site. Fortunately the sawing is all done in the garage, and the cladding is fibrous concrete panels so there's no treatment or painting to be done.

I am afraid that this is just the start - Brexit - Boris - Trump - Floods- Pestilence Thus the end of life as we know it ! But here is the answer :-

prayer bourbon and at a loud volume ----

We escaped the worst of the heavy rain here in the north of the Charente during the recent spell of crap weather, but let's face it 2016 has been a write-off so far weatherwise in this part of France and I am sure many others. Last sustained (more than a week) spell of decent warm and sunny weather was November 2015.

Something is definitely happening to our climate as the intensity and frequency of wet weather and storms is increasing. I would love to know the sunshine hours total for the Charente during the first 5 months of 2016...probably about 100 hours..if that!! I am sure the GCL deniers will be along soon to spout their nonsense, but as Anthony says..this is just the start!

The southern half of my town, Romorantin, is under water, not just a few centimeters, but up to the top of doors :( In 21 years here, I have never seen anything like this...hundreds of people evacuated, clean up is going to be hard:(

Does anyone out there have a reliable source of gopher wood? Here in South Touraine we got 66mm of rain in less than 48 hours last week on already saturated ground. There have been quite a few flooded buildings and a lot of crops damaged. We are in a watermill complex but we were well clear because the site design, which is mediaeval in origin, did its job and all that flooded was the flood meadow. The farmer on the other side of the river from us ploughed up a natural flower-rich water meadow full of snakeshead fritillaries last month, a nationally protected species but agriculture takes precedence - anyway that meadow filled with water too. So there is some justice.

I remember not all that long ago, temperatures of 40 degrees+ and five months of solid drought. :(