Do you need an extra pair of hands this summer?

Hi all

One of my lovely French students would like to be in the UK for around four months this summer to improve her (already excellent) English.

Perrine is 22, has a driving licence, is a non-smoker, is used to pets and has extensive experience with children.

She has a 'Brevet de secours' (First Aid Training) and has passed a BAFA - which is a professional qualification certifying that she has been trained to work with minors. You can read about the BAFA here.

Perrine has worked in (residential) children's summer camps and as a sales assistant and checkout girl. She also speaks some Italian and Spanish.

She is is the final year of a BA in design and would be happy to find any kind of work within any of the above fields, but is especially drawn towards working as an au pair and living as part of the family.

She comes highly recommended - I would happily employ her - and this would be a great opportunity to improve your kids French over the summer holidays!

If you are interested please let me know and if not, please pass this on to your friends in the UK as I'd really like to help her find something - thanks! x

Thanks everyone. I think Perrine is now sorted but I do possibly have another one. Have no idea where your email is Richard so can you PM me please and I can pass it on. Cheers!

Hi Katherine,

We might well be up for it. In truth it will partially depend upon how much she might be looking to earn (over and above the obvious board and keep). Our daughter will be 2 by the summer, plust the 9 year old boy and the dog-child. We are based in Essex (now). We will be hopping over to our pile of stones in the Limousin over the summer (so some form of free transport to and from France at certain times).

I work as a barrister. One of my colleagues is married to a French Girl who has just qualified as a (UK) barrister. My wife is surgeon. There is likely to be some holiday cover required (office junior) within my office.

We might be able to organise some interesting work experience as well as the usual au-pair stuff and maybe some (properly paid) office junior work - as well as all of the usual child-care and modest cleaning which goes with being an au-pair.

You will have my email address on file - so pass it along to her.

I swear by au pairs....had them for years when my kids little! the lady I suggested has been a full time mum but has just dipped her toe in the political waters...gather she is thinking of standing as a local councilor or MP... so they want to see if it works for them. Your email just came along at the right time!

Thanks everyone. I will let Perrine get sorted first as she asked me first sort of thing and then there are a couple of others who are also interested. (They are all lovely!) I think I should be charging a placement fee!!

Catharine...sent you a message separately to this thread but I have a friend in London who would be very interested in your young lady. Ive sent her email to you for you to contact. I can vouch for the couple being lovely, have known Rachel since she was a toddler...her mum and I very close friends..professional family with 3 young daughters....she would be well looked after and have a great time.

Hi Catharine, I would recommend she registers online at I had great success when in the UK sourcing Au Pairs from here. I think our old au pair in London found a FB page (south London au pairs?) where au pairs ‘met’ online and shared open positions etc.

I will also ask around various friends in London, just in case.

Alternatively, if she’d be interested, we have a gite business just outside Carcassonne, we are a British family who only speaks English at home (although our kids, 6&7, are bilingual). This year our summer bookings are all from English speaking families. We are looking for an au pair for July & August.

Hope that’s helpful.

Hi Catherine

We have some British Friends who run a B&B and Gite in Gastes, it is right on the Biscarosse lakes, they have 2 little boys and are looking for somebody for the summer, Alex and Claire are English but both speak French, the Boys are gorgeous....... This might suit her...... If you think might be suitable let me know a phone number or I can you there's... Carolyn x