Do you own three properties?

Morning all - a fellow journo is looking for ladies who own three properties and I wondered if any of you fit the bill?

It’s a piece about women who own a countryside property, a city one and an overseas place.

We’re featuring 3-4 women with pix of their homes. You’ll get to approve (via email) the written interview to accompany it too.

It’s for the Saturday pages which are lovely, photo-led and aspirational. If this is you or you know someone, please get in touch. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Hello Catherine - I think I may count - my property is Le Moulin de Salazar, a watermill in South West France near Lauzerte in 82. There is the watermill with four apartments, the large house next door and a small house awaiting refurbishment. If of interest let me know. The property can be viewed at Have a great Sunday, kind regards, Paulette

Ladies! Isn’t that selective/sexist :grin:
But I know what my profession is like, so I am not surprised.
I just hope its not for the TMG stable !!

My wife and I would qualify - 4 houses and two offices - but I’m not a lady :rofl:

I thought it odd too…we’d qualify except that they are all joint owned, so not true to say owned by a lady.

Ha ha @George_Topp … you stirrer… is you wife interested in being interviewed… ??? :thinking::relaxed:

As a journalists wife she’d say no - she always leaves media relations (apart from me!) to her PR !

George Topp.

I do hope Catharine gets some replies from ladies who “fit the bill” and are willing to take part… :relaxed: sounds like it could make an interesting article … :thinking: