Do you speak English?

For those who haven't yet seen them, here are a few of my favourites on a similar theme. My apologies to German and Hindi (??) speakers...

I speak American! LOL

My wife and I speak franglais, using which ever word first comes to mind, be it English or French. Leaves our friends totally confused. Have to admit I also have forgotten English words and phrases and never learned some of the more recent additions linked largely to computer-speak which I learned in French.

Yes, I get totally in a mess at times. Bits of my OH's Italian escape from my lips, when I am stuck for a French expression I don't know I slip back into German and my English is very rocky. I especially find myself say 'eh', often several times, which is the Ticinese dialect for si, or yes if you like, to anybody and feel like slapping the back of my head for doing it. Eh!

Good clip!

And like you, David, I often find some English words elude me these days; again, probably encroaching senility but, fortunately, I am blessed with a wife who knows everything...

... and, Caroline, I also know a theatrical costume hirer who I'm sure would be happy to relate to large companies - or anyone - for money

haha, reminds me of when I lived in Paris.

I don't think I can speak English any more, I find myself struggling to understand what others mean because of bizarre spelling and grammar. I had another email this morning about an article on how costumers relate to big business. Very limited market, wouldn't you agree? Can't be that many people hiring out theatre costumes to large companies, can there? And I note that my computer has underlined theatre because it doesn't speak English either, it speaks American! Lovely video, thanks for sharing.

I always have a very strange feeling speaking French but just with an English person when you are at some sort of function populated mainly by French people. On the other hand my wife accused (sic) me of sleeptalking in French and I'm sure I don't need to apologise for that. Or do I? I am increasingly troubled by forgetting the English word for something, but that's probably due to senility. Confused, Bretagne.

That was so simple and yet so funny!

Ever had this feeling?!