Do you speak French and English and have a sensible head on your body?

I posted this on Facebook etc earlier:

I need a VA (Virtual Assistant) who speaks French and English, has a business mind, doesn’t mind making numerous phone calls to get the information I need, sees things through to the end and is happy to be paid in either Euros or GBP on an hourly rate. If you know of anyone, or this is you, please drop me a line

To expand, I am having problems chasing URSSAF, CAF and RSI for various things and my ‘on the phone’ French isn’t very good. I don’t have the time to visit all of these places, and although my 18 year old daughter speaks very good French, she doesn’t have the ‘business / logical’ mind to deal with these things.

You could be anywhere, France, England, I don’t care, but you need to be able to get an answer, put up the objections that are needed, and let me know what I need to do next (and in some cases help me to do it)

If you’re interested, drop me an email to and let me know what hourly rate you want - I will need you to invoice me rather than being an ‘employee’ and will pay in euros to a French account or pounds to a UK account, upon receipt of invoice.

This is an ongoing need, hours aren’t set in stone, but I am happy to pay a retainer instead of a ‘per hour’ fee if someone is willing to help me!

You don’t have to be in business as a VA - you don’t have to be in business at all, you just need to be sensible and able to see things through to their end!

Hello Nikki, I’ve sent you an email

You might want to speak with Jane Bell :

Just a note Nikki, for those in France to be able to invoice you, they will have to be ‘in business’, either registered as an auto-entrepreneur, paid by chéque emploi service or work through a société de portage.

I hope you find someone and wish I could help but I can’t commit to this with existing commitments.

Bon courage!!

  • Hilary