Do you want a White Christmas?

Who knows what we will be getting… :relaxed:

Hello Stella

The answer is No, No, No. There, I admit it, I must be a killjoy because I don’t like snow. It should know it’s place and keep to the mountains where it belongs. :wink:

This last Winter we were lucky that we only had some light snow that quickly melted. We did have one occasion though when we were unable to leave the house at all during 5 days, and when we could finally get the car out the roads were treacherous.

Great for the kids and ski stations if it snows at Christmas though .

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Good afternoon Stella. I hope you are having a lovely Saturday.

I would love to see a white Christmas. Just for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day though. It feels right if snow starts to fall on Christmas Eve. I love to see the snow falling and settling on the ground and the rooftops. It always seems so peaceful when there is lying snow as if it deadens sound. In my perfect world it would then all melt overnight and everything would be gone by the morning. No ice, no black slush.

I can dream!

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Hi Mandy… thanks for the cheery greeting :sunglasses: I’ve had a great day…standing in a freezing shop doorway for hours… but today’s folk have been just wonderful… phew…

re snow at Christmas…I am a big kid… snow is magical (though I hate driving in it and am banned from stepping outdoors if even a few flakes appear…)

I hope we get snow on Christmas Day… but I am hoping for a heatwave right until 11.30pm Christmas Eve… which is the time when I should be safely home…after that I can just sit back and enjoy… :relaxed:

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When we first arrived, we had snow at Christmas every year. I don’t think we have had a white Christmas for 5 or 6 years now, so it would make a change. Feel sorry for those having to drive somewhere in it, and the plough drivers, but hey ho :beer::beer::beer::beer:

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I like snow but when I moved here I didn’t expect to find white Christmasses. I also enjoy driving on snow, I’ve done a lot of it, I just don’t enjoy driving on snow when there’s other traffic!

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Our first Christmas here, we were camping in one room… and on Christmas morning, I looked out to see a white wonderland… brrr… perishing but glorious… the village was in total silence …no cars… nothing…

By lunchtime, the road outside was clear, although the verges etc were still thick with it…(no-one about, so no road-sweepers)… and I remarked to OH… gosh, the French are amazing…they must have “underfloor heating” on their roads :star_struck: (it was actually something to do with the camber :wink:)

anyway, he has never let me forget that… and we still laugh about it…

No. I am on holiday on the evening of the 22nd, on the 23rd I’ll have a 1000km drive. So no thanks.

On Christmas Day perhaps, but at all other times it’s just an inconvenience. I hate the cold anyway so I’m probably in the minority.

I don’t mind the snow too much, the first fall always looks lovely, all those gently softening mounds.

But I worry about frozen pipes. Our home is equipped with an rez-de-chausee WC entered directly through a door that opens onto a public pavement to the rear of our home. Fitted with a 20c slotted lock we could probably make Euro 50 a week from passing trade…but it’s very exposed to cold and wind-chill and has been known to freeze up despite lagged pipes. Could try a knitted cosy on the pan or antifreeze in the overhead cistern.

So if we are to have snow, I’ll settle for the warm variety :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Hi Peter
I have visions here of you having to use your WC during the night by passing directly through the door that is on the public pavement ! No doubt I have got this wrong because I am trying to imagine you and your OH in nightclothes and wellies, torch in hand and hot water bottles clutched to your chests braving the great freeze :wink:

Our Belgian ’ neighbours’ ( maison secondaire ) had a catastrophic time one year during winter, they had turned off all their water but had forgotten to drain the pipes, results were shower, toilet and other pipes had ‘burst’ with the water left in them + wc had cracked ! They now drain off all water and put salt in their WC when they leave + a plastic bottle full of anti- freeze. Oh the joys of winter.

Me, at this moment my bedroom is around 8° so I have almost as many clothes to go to bed as I do during the day :slight_smile:

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Fortunately we have two modern centrally-heated bathrooms upstairs, but your image is good fun :fearful:! The house was once a bar/café/chambres d’hôtes facing the town station on the town outskirts, long since closed down, the tracks taken up to create a Voie verte, so we imagine the toilet was for clients on demand, the key kept behind the bar. It is a curiosity :fr::baguette_bread::thinking:. Lots of French bottoms will have warmed the seat, which is decorated with roses. :grimacing:

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