Doctor Issued Temporary Permis à Conduire

Being over 60 and towing a caravan, I am required to renew my permis à conduire every two years with a medical. In the good old inefficient days, a new paper license was issued by the Perfecture in two days. With the new efficient plastic card system, it now takes 6 weeks at least, from handing in the old license. In the meantime, all I have to show the world, is a tatty carbon copy of the application form, issued and signed by the examining Doctor, with my physog stapled to it.

Question is, does anyone know whether this apology for a driving license has any validity in the UK (or any EU country for that matter). I certainly DO know that it is totally unacceptable for HIRING a car in the UK, but has anyone any experience of what Mr Plod thinks, or what my son's insurance company might think'?

Belay that question Folks. I had my Visite Médical yesterday. The Doctor did not "confiscate" the expiring license as two years ago (and previously). He explained that the system had been changed due to the volume of complaint. What a relief!