Documentary about French Customs? 😉

Pardon My French: A Guide to French Colloquialisms

By Zoé Albert

July 14, 2023

Title text.

Written text

Woman falling onto a pile of apples.

Woman fainting on a pile of apples.

Woman speaking across tennis net with lettuce coming out of her mouth.

Mouth with spinach in teeth.

Hand squeezing water bottle into eye.

Man crashing bicycle while checking out a woman who is roller skating.

Xray of a person with an artichoke heart.

Hand picking petals off of a flower.

Woman walking poodle.

Fart cloud.

Two women sharing a bowl of spaghetti and a man holding a candle between them.

A melted candle.

Man stepping on rake and hitting himself in the face and a woman walking away.

Man sitting alone at bar.

Person waking atop greasy mountains.

Person sleeping.