Does anyone have any experience of keeping Alpacas?

La Reine de Prusse is looking for Alpaca lovers.

@Sarah_Bird I reckon

If you have a bossy horse they might not get on together.
It really depends on the attitude of both horses and alpacas.

Ah yes! That wil be me! Hey James!
We keep alpacas, llamas, camels and are expecting our first misto some time soon. Feel free to message me if you would like further information, though I’m a nightmare to find via social media as my life is pretty hectic. Not sure if I’m allowed to pop a link up here but we have a website if you want to get in touch. James, sorry please remove this link if not appropriate.

AND JAMES… my God, that seems like so many years ago, we really ought to catch up xx


Definitely! It would be so lovely xx


Thanks Sarah. I’m sure we’ll be in touch.