Does anyone have any idea about this ....Is the Labour party 'going to hell in a hand cart ?'

What amazes me, is that no- one here is discussing the upheaval in the Labour Party and Corbin....who looks as though he might well succeed in remaining.....but it's difficult to see how he can govern or work with the current crop of MP's...or make a good job of being any kind of affective opposition to the Tory's plans for anything....'.Is the Labour party going to hell in a hand cart ?...'.

Well, internecine strife in the Conservative party led to the present shambles, I suppose the only positive aspect of the same thing happening within the Labour party is that the worst that can happen is that there won't be a credible opposition for some time. I don't think that's particularly healthy but then I suppose countries get the political set-up they deserve.

Well the Conservatives have had their upsets and appear to have righted themselves under Teresa May, pretty well. It is early days, but i think she has proved that she wont be a 'soft target' and has the strength and the capability to get things done - and she has wisely, given those in favour of Brexit the tasks of getting the best deal possible for us in terms of the new relationship with Europe....She no longer is surrounded by 'wealthy in their own right, old Etonians', (who maybe had some good intentions, but don't have and are never likely to have, any direct experience of poverty) and in that respect is more like Margaret Thatcher....She will have lived in a nice rambling old vicarage, (on loan), perhaps as her father was a Church of England minister, but they will have had to live on probably, a quite tight budget, as that job attracts a very low salary, (of around £!4, 000 a year), absolute 'peanuts' and far less than a lot of 'non professional', more blue collar workers who average more than double that figure. She has made some initial pronouncements about improving everyone's lot and I hope she lives up to that - and makes the right economic decisions to achieve the prosperity necessary for that.

The bizarre situation with the Labour party now (I read somewhere), is sort of 'self inflicted' because they changed the rules about who could elect the Leader......nobody foresaw the situation arising where there was a falling out between the Leader and his/her cabinet.... Goodness knows, how this will resolve itself.....and this could mean a definite 'split'.....and another party emerging.....but you never know, far from being a disaster this might turn out to be a good thing. They need to get on and resolve this though, as they will need to be in a much better shape to get elected, next time round.

Found this link on Theresa May's 'humble origins'....