Does anyone in France want our money?

Our house insurance has come up for renewal and we want to find a new insurance company or to at least get some competitive estimates. We have contacted seven businesses, several on Anglo Info. We have had 1 reply and have filled in their forms and sent them back. This was over a week ago and not having received a reply, my wife rang the company today...the woman I was dealing with is on holiday until the 11th of June and the renewal is required by the 8th! Not one bit of interest from the others. Our property comprises a 6 bedroom hous and a large , six bedroom barn which is let out as a gite so we need business cover as well. The insurance has cost over €1000 in previous years, not a small amount so you would think that their would be some interest.

This lack of interest has manifested itself in other things as well. Double glazing companies who came and measured up who we never heard from again. Also, we have two large fields of hay which need to cut. We were refererd to a farmer nearby who came over, looked at the amount to be cut (we had 30+ bales last year and two cuts), agreed on a price and, guess what? Despite several phone calls , no reply!

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in having some of our hard earned cash?